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Board of Directors/Congregations

For the past 60 years Luther Memorial Home has been providing services to and caring for our senior citizens. Luther Memorial Home was incorporated on May 15, 1957 as a non-profit corporation, owned and operated by Lutheran Church congregations and certified by The American Lutheran Church. It is the intention of Luther Memorial Home to maintain an organizational framework which includes members of Christian congregations outside the confines of The American Lutheran Church.
We are owned by 13 area Lutheran Congregations and are an ELCA affiliated home.

Luther Memorial Home serves as a tangible expression of God's love by responding to the needs of the aging, ever mindful of the worth and dignity of the individual. We address ourselves in both traditional and innovative ways to meeting the needs of the aged who are best served in a residential setting without regard to national origin, race, color, creed, sex, or handicap. We seek to minister to the whole person, offering a full range of progressive care, from retirement housing through skilled nursing. We seek furthermore to represent the concerns of all aging to the society of which we are a part. Our Board and Staff dedicate themselves to making Luther Memorial Home a place where our residents will live in comfort in a community that is shaped by Christian concern.

Board of Directors and Committees 2023

  • By Laws: Greta Paschke, Brad Thykeson, and Brenda Eide
  • Finance: Roger Erickson and Jeff Voltz
  • Building and Grounds: Roger Erickson and Richelle Mewes
  • Government Relations: Linda Stromstad and Dean Erickson
  • Investments: Roger Erickson and Gary Sundeen
  • Long Range Planning: Officers 

Officers Office Term Expires
Roger Erickson
President 2023
Richelle Mewes Vice  President 2024
 Brenda Eide Secretary 2023
Jeff Voltz   2023
Dean Erickson   2025
Linda Stromstad   2025
Brad Thykeson   2024
Gary Sundeen   2025
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