Greetings from “The Home” front …

We did several indoor activities this week due to the extreme heat! Despite the weather everyone had a great time!

Molly was here on Sunday to do a Father’s Day Wheel of Fortune with the residents trying to guess some of those favorite parental sayings such as “I will turn this car around if you don’t behave” or “Do you think money grows on trees” and my favorite “Go ask your Mother (Father).” We played Ice Cream Detective on Monday morning and had Men’s Club in the afternoon. The men all received a cute Father’s Day candy bag, talked about all things cars, and learned some history about Father’s Day. Tuesday brought Newscurrents in the morning followed by Ice Cream Making in the afternoon. YUM!! Several people chose to eat their ice cream out in the courtyard after their hard work. Father Bob was here for Catholic Mass on Wednesday morning and then we enjoyed Name That Tune with Lysa. The Crafty Crafters made a Summer Popsicle Banner during Crafts with Molly and then ChiChi made No Bake Cookies for everyone to enjoy at Kitchen Capers. There was Bible Study with Pastor Deb on Thursday morning followed by Pretty Nails and Discover Your Senses. Plus, Bingo in the evening. After Church and dinner on Friday, it is time for $$$ Bingo with our good friends from the American Legion/VFW!! This is always a popular activity that fills the dining room. The SummerFest parade will be going by the nursing home on Saturday morning and our residents will be out waving to all the participants. Our 2022 Valentine King and Queen, Merwin Lyng and Jane Ihry, will be riding in the parade so be sure to greet them.

We will play 5-Square on Sunday afternoon. There is a Spot the Difference activity on Monday morning followed by Cooking with ChiChi in the afternoon. Hmmmm wonder what delicious treat she has in store for us. Lysa will play for Rhythm Band later in the afternoon and there is Bingo in the evening. On Tuesday we have Newscurrents and then Crafts with Andrea plus What’s Wrong with this Picture. After Mass on Wednesday there is Choir, Down Memory Lane and Kitchen Capers. Not sure what Molly will bring for Down Memory Lane or what Lysa and ChiChi have in mind for Kitchen Capers but do know it will be a fun day. There is Pretty Nails on Thursday afternoon followed by Iced Tea on the Patio and Bingo in the evening. Friday is July 1st already!!! Oh my – where is 2022 going!! We will have church in the morning and a popcorn social in the afternoon. On Saturday we will have Sit & Be Fit in the morning followed by Bingo and Patriotic Wheel of Fortune in the afternoon.

We have one staff member with a June birthday – Hailey Gray on June 30th. Happy Birthday Hailey and best wishes for an awesome day!

Until next time … a thought from that great football player, Lou Holtz … Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. Make it a Great Week Everyone!