Greetings from “The Home” front …

We are certainly racing through summer – here it is already the middle of August – are you enjoying the weather? We certainly are here at LMH – residents have been going out on the patio, admiring the beautiful flowers, and having a chance to visit with friends and family in a beautiful setting. Special thanks to our Activities staff and Maintenance crew who keep those flowers watered and looking beautiful.

Molly was here for Crosswords on Sunday and had the residents laughing as she tried to act out some of the more difficult clues. It was Down Memory Lane on Monday and we reminisced about hobbies and collections. Merwin Lyng reminisced about his collections of 200+ clocks and Loretta Wendlick talked about collecting all the state quarters. There was a Garden Mushroom Demonstration later in the afternoon and residents watched how Molly made a “mushroom” using a tall vase, bowl, and glass gems to create the mushroom, topping it off with a ceramic bird or gnome. These mushrooms fit over a solar light and will “glow” in the dark. After the Resident Council meeting there was Bingo in the evening. Tuesday brought NewsCurrents and Show & Tell. The residents got a chance to bring a favorite item of theirs and talk about why it is special to them. We also played Bunco later on. Father Bob conducted a morning Mass on Wednesday followed by a talk about and display of costume jewelry. The Crafty Crafters got together in the afternoon to make a cute notepad. Thursday brought information about August during August Trivia and the ladies got their nails done at Pretty Nails. We also took the Parachute outside for some fun and played Bingo after supper. Pastor Deb led a Church Service on Friday morning and Lysa played the piano for an old-fashioned Sing-Along in the afternoon. There is Sit & Be Fit on Saturday, followed by Bingo and Wheel of Fortune.

Alas, we say good bye to Activity Assistant Emma Pillsbury who will be returning to college in Florida. Best Wishes to you Emma.

Next week brings Jeopardy on Monday morning followed by a Spinning Wheel Demonstration by Lysa. This is part of our series of demonstration of our favorite hobbies. Lysa enjoys spinning her own yarn and knitting and crocheting. There is also a Roll & Bowl Dice Game followed by Bingo in the evening. On Tuesday we have NewsCurrents and, depending on the weather, a Sightseeing Van Trip around town. Father Bob is back for Mass on Wednesday morning and then we have Name that Golden Oldie activity. During Crafts the residents will be making abstract pictures using fresh fruit and dry Kool-Aid. It looked really cute on Pinterest so we will see how our pictures turn out! Staff will also be going shopping for the residents. Pastor Deb leads a Bible Study on Thursday followed by Pretty Nails and a Table Hockey game. We also have Bingo in the evening. There is Church on Friday and hopefully Happy ½ hour in the afternoon.

There are several resident birthdays coming up this week – Hadley Verwest and Arlene Olstad on the 14th, Suzanne Klinnert on the 15th, Mary Ferguson on the 18th, and Marlys Jacobson on the 19th. Staff members having birthdays next week are Kyle Eken on August 13th, Melissa Schmidt on August 14th, Vicki Johnson on August 17th and Laurice VanZee on August 19th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Until next time … a very insightful message from Leo Buscaglia …. “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around …