Residents bundled up and ready to watch the Summerfest Parade

Greetings from “The Home” front …

This is news from last week but again a big SHOUT OUT THANK YOU to the staff, families and volunteers who came and helped transport residents out to watch the SummerFest parade on Saturday. Many staff members came in on their own time (unpaid) to make sure residents got to see the parade.

We had a fun time at 5 Square on Sunday with everyone naming their favorite ice cream, cookie and candy bar. The delicious aroma coming from the activity room on Monday was ChiChi getting ready for her cooking demonstration – she made Pansit with pork and Lumpia. The residents were able to enjoy some of her special Philippine cooking. Also, a special thank you to Jackee Lerol who volunteered here to help with prepping and serving. It was a busy Monday as we also had Rhythm Band and then Bingo in the evening. Tuesday brought Newscurrents in the morning and then Andrea and the Crafty Crafters made pipe cleaner critters. Father Bob was here for Catholic Mass on Wednesday morning followed by Choir. Molly brought some vintage postcards for Down Memory Lane and the residents reminisced about places they had gone on their vacation and summer trips they had taken. ChiChi and Lysa did a “Mystery Treat” at Kitchen Capers while Molly went personal shopping for the residents. The ladies got their nails done during Pretty Nails on Thursday followed by Ice Tea on the Patio. We also had Bingo in the evening. Friday is July 1st already!! We are more than half way through 2022 – oh my!!! Pastor Deb led Church with Communion on Friday morning followed by a Popcorn Social in the afternoon. The residents got to try various popcorn seasonings such a Cajun, parmesan cheese, garlic and kettle corn. After Sit & Be Fit and Bingo on Saturday everyone will try their hand at painting. Sounds like a fun activity!

There is Patriotic 5 Square on Sunday. Andrea will be here to Celebrate the 4th of July. There will be Independence Day Trivia followed by Uncle Sam Races, Backyard BBQ Detective and Bingo in the evening. On Tuesday, after Newscurrents in the morning we hope to take the van out for some Sightseeing around Portland/Mayville. Our van is back in action and as long as it’s not too hot out, we will be out for a cruise! After Catholic Mass on Wednesday, we have a special program put on by the Aging Services staff to talk about community options for our residents. The Crafty Crafters will be making a Belated Birthday card during Crafts and I know Lysa and ChiChi will have something yummy planned for Kitchen Capers later in the day. On Thursday it’s Bible Study with Pastor Deb, followed by Pretty Nails and Table Hockey. We also have Bingo in the evening. After Church on Friday, we have special music by Steve Worner – everyone is looking forward to that as he always puts on a good show!

There are no resident birthdays this week and only two staff birthdays – Gracelyne Morrison on July 7th and Erika Onerheim on July 8th. Happy Birthday to both of you and enjoy your special day.

Until next time … a thought for the week … Be like a proton – always positive. Make it a great week!