Greetings from “The Home” front …

First of all, a big SHOUT OUT THANK YOU to all of our staff that came in during this week and last weeks’ blizzard and storm – it is dedicated people like you that make Luther Memorial Home a great place for loved ones to be.  These workers came in for others, stayed overnight and worked double shifts to keep LMH residents safe and secure.

It was nice to see our Giving Hearts board fill up with accolades from our staff members to other staff members – telling them what they appreciate about them.  It is definitely uplifting to know you are appreciated!  What a great idea!

Our residents have been staying in their rooms this past week as a precaution against Covid 19 so we have not had any group activities.  However, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been keeping them busy.

Thanks to Channel 98 – our in-house TV channel – residents have been able to enjoy activities.  On Monday, which was President’s Day, we learned some fun facts about our US Presidents.  Here are three interesting tidbits … Rutherford B Hayes banned alcohol from the White house at the behest of his first lady.  John Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic President.  And Finally, Alexander Graham Bell tried desperately to help save the life of James Garfield after Garfield had been shot.   In the afternoon we had a Presidential Unscramble – deciphering mixed up letters to come up with a president’s name.  The staff have also been going around in the morning with the beverage cart serving coffee, cocoa, juice and snacks.  In the afternoon we have magazines, games, and puzzles for residents to enjoy.  After Newscurrents on Tuesday everyone enjoyed an ice cream sundae bar in the afternoon.  Staff took the cart around with ice cream and toppings and created ice cream treats for everyone.  There was Trivia on Channel 98 on Wednesday morning and then Molly created greeting cards with our crafty ladies during 1:1 room visits.  The crafters enjoyed making cards with a spring flower theme in hopes that spring will soon be here.  There was Down Memory Lane on Thursday morning and then staff went room to room doing Pretty Nails.  We had Church via Channel 98 with Pastor Deb on Friday morning and instead of Legion Bingo we played Hallway Bingo!

Our next week’s schedule – March Already!! – is still in the planning stage as we have a Tuesday deadline.  Much also depends on whether our residents will be able to resume group activities.  Either way – I know we will have lots of fun events planned.

We have one resident birthday next week – Happy Birthday to Jim Aaker on March 5th.  There are two staff members also celebrating – Sue Edwardson on February 27th and Wanda Freadrich on March 1st.  Best wishes to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Until next time …. A thought for the week … Days are expensive.  When you spend a day, you have one less day to spend.  So, make sure you spend each one wisely …