Residents enjoying red velvet cake truffles made at Kitchen Capers last week.
Roger Anderson being our goalie at floor hockey

Greetings from “The Home” front …

We had a lot of fun doing Memory Joggers and Arm Chair Detective during our activities on Sunday. On Monday we learned all about the Winter Olympics. There are 2900 athletes competing in 109 different winter sporting events this year in Beijing. 45% of the athletes are women. There was also a rousing game of Olympic Floor Hockey played with hockey sticks and a net and then Full House Olympics which was a card game. We also had Bingo in the evening. Newscurrents started off on Tuesday followed by in the afternoon. The residents also played Jeopardy later on. Molly brought vintage valentines for Reminisce on Wednesday afternoon. She also read a story entitled The Boy Who Hated Valentine’s Day – a cute story with a good moral ending. Lysa played the piano for Choir in the morning. We learned all about umbrellas on Thursday morning. Did you know that in the US alone about 33 million umbrellas are sold every year? I honestly don’t think I have ever seen anyone in North Dakota use an umbrella – have you?? There was Pretty Nails and Who Am I later in the day followed by Bingo in the evening. Pastor Deb was here for Church on Friday morning and then the residents enjoyed a Popcorn Deliveries – testing out different popcorn flavoring. Not sure what the winner was but my vote was for the cheddar cheese topping – it was yummy! After all those treats this week, we settled down for Sit & Be Fit on Saturday morning followed by Bingo and a HEART Memory Jogger in the afternoon.

Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday but we will also be having Mayville Lutheran Church services on TV at 10:30 and Molly will be here to play Trivia at 2 p.m. Lawrence Welk is on at 6 p.m. and the residents certainly enjoy those old shows. Such great music!!!

Valentine’s Day is Monday February 14th and we are set to party!! Before that there is an All You Need is Love activity in the morning and then our Party in the afternoon. The staff and residents have been voting these last two weeks to name our new 2022 Valentine King and Queen who will be crowned at the party. Such excitement!! If that wasn’t enough, there is also Bingo in the evening. On Tuesday, we have Newscurrents, Card Games and a Resident Council meeting. Lysa will play for Name That Tune Wednesday morning and during Crafts in the afternoon our resident crafters will make heart shaped spring bouquets. I hope that will encourage Spring to arrive soon. Staff will also go shopping for the residents. Pastor Deb will lead a Bible Study on Thursday morning, followed by Pretty Nails and Bunco plus Bingo in the evening. There is Church on Friday and then it’s TGIF Happy ½ hour!

To celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9th, our administration provided Pizza for all the staff members. What a special treat and THANK YOU for thinking of us. Everyone enjoyed themselves!

Also, during Giving Hearts Week which is February 14-20, staff have been asked to write a compliment about a co-worker and post it on our “Giving Heart” wall for everyone to read. What a great idea!

A thank you goes out to Peggie and everyone at First Community Credit Union and the children of Hope-Page Elementary for the balloons, candy, and Valentine’s Day cards. Our residents sure enjoyed those cheerful messages! Another big thank you goes to Traill County Veterans Service for sending Valentine cards to our Veterans here at LMH!

There are two resident birthdays next week – Duane Bjerke on February 18 and Marion Larson on February 19th. We have several staff members with birthdays next week – Ashton Sundeen on February 13, Sarah Gage on Valentine’s Day – you are a special Valentine Sarah! – Jennifer Koenig February 15, Kayla Eken February 17, and Braeden Jorgensen on February 19th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!!

Until next time … a thought for the week … What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals …