One of our helpful morning folding group hard at work
LMH residents being crafty crafters making a spring flower

Greetings from “The Home” front …

That nasty snowfall we had over Easter weekend didn’t hamper our activities here at LMH. Pastor Deb was able to make it in for a lovely Easter church service with resident Chris Larson providing the music and singing. Thank you to both of you for such a nice service – our residents have always enjoyed going to church on Easter Sunday. Also, a big thank you – AGAIN – to those staff members who made it in to work and worked extra shifts and stayed overnight to fill it for those that couldn’t get here! Your willingness to help out and care for our residents no matter what makes LMH a top place to be!

We learned some April Trivia on Monday. Did you know that McDonalds opened its first restaurant on April 15, 1955 and that April 17th is Daffy Duck’s Birthday? Also, Paul Revere made his famous ride on April 18, 1775. Later in the day we learned All About Jell-O! and the residents got to taste various flavors. Lysa brought Jell-O jigglers and everyone had fun eating those. There was also a Travel Map activity where everyone got to show what states they had traveled to and talk about their experiences there. Of course, there was Bingo in the evening. Andrea provided up to date information during Newscurrents on Tuesday morning and we played DIMES category which is similar to 5 Square in the afternoon. On Wednesday morning, Father Bob was here for Catholic Mass and Lysa played the piano for Name that Tune. The crafty crafters used paint daubers to create fish themed paintings during craft time. Staff also went shopping for our residents. While Molly was shopping ChiChi and Lysa did a Kitchen Capers activity making cupcakes using just a can of Sprite and a package of cake mix. That was the only two ingredients – and the cupcakes actually turned out delicious! That is certainly some recipe! Wednesday was a day full of fun! On Thursday Pastor Deb was here for Bible Study then it was time for Pretty Nails and Down Memory Lane. We have Bingo in the evening. Friday morning we had a Protestant Worship Service with Pastor Deb. There is Happy ½ hour in the afternoon. On Saturday it’s Sit & Be Fit, followed by Bingo and Rhyme Time.

Molly will be here on Sunday for FARM Jingo (a word association game). Next Monday has a flower and bird theme with a Pesky Petals game in the morning and then an afternoon filled with a discussion of all about birds. Plus, there is Bingo in the evening. Tuesday brings Newscurrents in the morning and then Spring Planting when our residents will get a chance to plant seeds in hopes of growing flowers for the courtyard planters. They will also watch a virtual garden video. There is Catholic Mass and Choir on Wednesday followed by Crafts – not sure what Molly has in mind but am sure it will be fun and creative. There is Picture the Song on Thursday morning and then Pretty Nails followed by Bunco. We also have Bingo in the evening. After church on Friday, our Men’s Club will meet. Can you believe it will already be the end of April!!!

We have one resident birthday next week – Randy Schober on April 29th. There are 4 staff birthdays – Joann Studlien, Mathew Karolus and Jacob Sherva all on April 25th; then Rochelle Grenz on April 27th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Until next time … a thought for the week … You are the artist of your own Life. Don’t hand the paintbrush to anyone else …