Greetings from “The Home” front …

We made the best of our beautiful and unpredictable summer weather by enjoying S’mores on the patio on Monday afternoon and then having a Beach Party on Tuesday. The residents used water guns to create some pretty spectacular abstract art pieces in the afternoon plus playing Bingo in the evening. Before our Beach Party on Tuesday there was Newscurrents in the morning. Wednesday brought Father Bob here to conduct a morning Mass, then we learned All About Aprons. Molly talked about the history of aprons and had some fancy and not so fancy ones to show. We played Bunco in the afternoon and while staff went shopping for the residents, ChiChi and Lysa made Banana Spring Rolls during Kitchen Capers, YUM! We had a State Plate game on Thursday morning followed by Pretty Nails and a Resident Council meeting. Also, Bingo in the evening. Pastor Deb led Church on Friday morning and the residents enjoyed TGIF Happy ½ hour in the afternoon. On Saturday Andrea will be here to lead Sit & Be Fit, play Bingo with the residents and also play JINGO.

Next week we start out with Wheel of Fortune on Sunday – Pat and Vanna were invited to join us but we will have to wait and see if they decide to come. We play Trivia Monday morning followed by a Sightseeing Van Trip in the afternoon. Speaking of van trips, last weeks trip was very exciting as Merwin Lyng directed us out in the country to see the biggest and possibly oldest tree in North Dakota. The stately oak is located on the oldest family farm (150 years) in North Dakota – known as the Evenson farm. The tree is 150” in circumference and is approximately 450 years old. Not sure where the van will be going this time but it is always fun to get away and see the sights. We also have Bingo in the evening. On Tuesday, after newscurrents, the staff and residents will make ice cream – hope everyone remembers the rock salt! There is Mass with Father Bob on Wednesday morning followed by Choir and Crafts. The residents will be making tie dye scarves with shaving cream and Rit dye. Lysa and ChiChi will also be doing Kitchen Capers and I know they will be making something yummy. We have Bible Study with Pastor Deb on Thursday morning followed by Pretty Nails and a Ring Ross. And, of course, Bingo in the evening. Friday brings church and then $$$ Bingo with the American Legion/VFW! My gosh it is already that time of the month when these wonderful volunteers come to play with our residents. We sure do appreciate you guys (and gals)!

We have a couple more shout out THANK YOUs. Tom and Mary Stocking, owners of the Pizza Shop in Mayville, provided free ice cream cones for our residents to enjoy while they were on the van trip. It was most appreciated as the day was quite warm. Also, if you haven’t had a chance to stop by the activity room to see the beautiful and HUGE wall hanging that our stall member Angel Oshkosh painted – please stop in! Angel has painted three wall hangings this year and we have had the pleasure of displaying them in the activity room. This one shows fireflies in a jar and also flying around the evening sky. The colors are bright and she added glitz with glitter on their wings! Thank you, Angel, for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

We have had some questions regarding visitors and activities. Currently, friends and family may visit our residents in the resident’s room or outside in the courtyard. Unfortunately, they are not currently able to attend activities with their loved one. Also, we are not able to provide coffee or treats to visitors at this time. These are conditions set by the CDC and we must follow them. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this causes you but please do come and visit. Our residents really enjoy company.

There are no resident birthdays next week but two staff members will be having theirs. Jordan Eken on July 19th and Kinsey Hanson on July 22nd. Happy Birthday to both of you and enjoy your special day!

We were saddened by the passing of two of our residents in the last few weeks. Connie Rude, daughter of LMH residents Junice and Andrew Berg, died on July 1st. Connie was only with us briefly and enjoyed listening to TV and visiting with her family.

David Anderson, husband of another LMH resident, Lois Anderson, died July 5th. David enjoyed listening to music, hearing devotions and visiting with family and staff. Rest in Peace, Connie and David.

Until next time … a thought for the week …Failure is not the opposite of success. It is part of success …