Residents having fun at our beach party!
Loretta Wendlick feeling the beach sand at our party!

Greetings from “The Home” front …

Lots of fun activities to be had in this hot and humid weather. We didn’t let a little 90+ degrees stop us from doing the things we like to do.

We played a little bit of Trivia on Monday morning followed by homemade ice cream on an exceptionally hot day! The ice cream maker really got a workout and the vanilla, maple nut, and chocolate chip ice creams tasted delicious. We played a 5 square game in the afternoon and then Bingo in the evening. Tuesday brought NewsCurrents and then a van trip around Portland/Mayville. When we got back from the van trip later in the afternoon, we played a new game called “Kerplunk” which involved chicken wire, a bucket, dowels, and plastic balls. We took turns removing the dowels, trying to make as few balls fall out as possible. We sure got a lot of laughs out of that one! Father Bob was here for Catholic Mass on Wednesday morning followed by Choir. The Crafty Crafters made infinity scarves from T-Shirts, shaving cream and Rit dye – who knew they could turn out so beautiful! A special THANK YOU to Lisa Nelson who came and helped with this craft project. We were at it again with Kitchen Capers and the resident cooks had a lot of fun creating a delicious treat, with a little help from ChiChi and Lysa. Last week’s wrapped banana that was deep fried and drizzled with chocolate and caramel was delicious. Our residents (and staff) are learning so much about various Filipino dishes and treats from ChiChi. Thursday we were so excited to have children from the Central Valley Parish Bible School come and sing for us in an outdoor concert, the residents really loved seeing all the little ones share their songs they have learned this summer! The ladies got their nails done during Pretty Nails in the afternoon, followed by Bible Study with Pastor Deb. Friday brought us church, a picnic for dinner, and $$$ Bingo with the American Legion/VFW. What a great turnout we had!

Our staff were treated to special treats and prizes when our administration sponsored a Beach Party Day on Wednesday. Staff were encouraged to wear colorful beachy attire and enjoy the fun!

During our Bunco game last week, resident Roger Anderson got two Buncos (21 pts each) during the same game! He was our high point winner – Congratulations Roger!

We start out next week with Karaoke with ChiChi on Sunday. That is another event that fills the activity room – everyone enjoys hearing her sing Karaoke. We will play Spot the Difference on Monday morning followed by a Bridal Shower for Ashton___. There is Jeopardy later in the afternoon and Bingo in the evening. All of these activities help increase our resident’s brain power and cognition. We have NewsCurrents Tuesday morning and then Andrea and ChiChi will be doing a craft project in the afternoon. I haven’t heard exactly what they will be doing but am sure it will be fun – our residents like to do crafts. We have Father Bob here for Catholic Mass on Wednesday morning and then Name That Tune with Lysa. Molly will be bringing some vintage items for the Mystery Box Reminisce. The residents will try to guess what the item is and what it was used for. We also have Kitchen Capers while other staff members go shopping for the residents. Andrea will play What Am I on Thursday morning, then the ladies will get their nails done at Pretty Nails followed by card games and Bingo in the evening. After church on Friday, we have Men’s Club and visitations.

There are three resident birthdays to finish out the month of July. Gladys Fugleberg on July 25, Roger Anderson on July 26 and Mary Baldock on July 29th. There are also several staff members celebrating birthdays next week- Heather Champine on July 25, Julie Winger on July 26, Rahni Smith on July 28th, Sharon Domier on July 30 and Kelly Tastad on July 31st. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Our sympathy to the friends and family of Duane Malley who passed way July 15th and Jean Pederson who passed away July 18th. Duane enjoyed listened to his radio and hearing Elvis music. His favorite treat was Hershey Bars and he kept a drawer full in his room. Jean was with us for a short time, but enjoyed sharing stories about her life in California, listening to choral music, and visits from her husband of 70 years. Rest in Peace Duane and Jean, you will both be missed.

Until next time … a thought for the week … The bad news is time flies. The good news is that you are the pilot … Make it a great week Everyone!