Greetings from “The Home” front …

A Big shout out THANK YOU to Kathy Baldock who volunteered to perform a Patriotic Music Concert on Monday, the 4th of July so that our residents could enjoy the holiday with a special celebration. I know the residents loved hearing the music and even singing along to some of the tunes. Thank you again, Kathy, for sharing your special talent with us.

In addition to the piano concert, Andrea helped us learn a little bit more about Independence Day on Monday morning with a reading and trivia questions. We also played Bingo in the evening. There was Newscurrents on Tuesday morning followed by a van trip out to see the sights around Portland/Mayville. A big thank you goes out to Pizza Shop for having ice cream ready for our residents, that was a wonderful treat! Pastor Bob was here for Catholic Mass on Wednesday Morning and then the Aging Services staff gave a presentation on community options for our residents and their families. In the afternoon our Crafty Crafters made a belated birthday card with a cute snail theme. The days are going by so fast it’s easy to forget a birthday! Lysa and ChiChi had a fun food treat prepared during Kitchen Capers while Molly went shopping for the residents. There was Bible Study with Pastor Deb on Thursday morning and later in the afternoon the ladies got their nails done at Pretty Nails. We also played Table Hockey with Swiffer dusters – what a hoot! And there was Bingo in the evening. On Friday it’s Church in the morning followed by special Music by Steve Worner. It is nice to have him back to play and perform. There is Sit & Be Fit on Saturday morning and then Bingo and Finish the Song Lyrics.

Molly will be here on Sunday to play Crosswords. There is Camping Reminisce on Monday morning – oh how I remember mosquitos, rocky ground to sleep on, and poison ivy! But a nicer part of camping was making s’mores over the campfire – that is exactly what we will have in the afternoon out on the patio. Maybe not the campfire but at least S’mores to enjoy! We are also planning to do Water Gun Painting which is lots of fun and produces very beautiful artwork. There is Bingo in the evening. We have Newscurrents on Tuesday morning followed by a Beach Party! Father Bob leads Catholic Mass on Wednesday morning and then we will learn All About Aprons. Did you know there are at least 11 different types of aprons for various uses? My favorite game – Bunco! - is on the schedule for Wednesday afternoon followed by Kitchen Capers. We have a new activity on Thursday morning called State Plate Game – sounds interesting! There is also Pretty Nails and a Resident Council meeting plus Bingo in the evening – A busy and fun day! After Church on Friday, we are celebrating TGIF with Happy ½ hour.

We have three resident birthdays next week – Bob Judisch on July 11, Delberta Rossignol on July 12 and Andrew Berg on July 13th. Andrew will be celebrating his 101st birthday! Congratulations Andrew! There are also two staff members with birthdays next week – Shelly Aune on July 11 and Christopher Winkler on July 16. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Until next time … a little prayer for the week …. May your morning bring joy and your evening bring peace. May your troubles dissolve and your blessings increase… Have a great week everyone!