Activity staff Chichi Hoffman getting ready to deliver Oreos on our Oreo sampler day.

Greetings from “The Home” front …

Our residents and staff are happy to report no positive Covid cases in the past two weeks, and we are back to our “normal” of large group gatherings and eating in the dining room together! New changes are that the tenants of Sun Center are now able to attend church with us on Fridays and are also welcome to join any special musical guests that may be planned, all pending our Covid positivity status, of course.

This week, we got ready for St. Patrick’s Day and had some fun themed activities throughout the week. On Monday, we had some fun with reading limericks and learning about the Blarney Stone. Residents had a lot of laughs reminiscing about limericks that they remembered from school days. We also played buzzwords and had a resident council meeting. The day was wrapped up with Bingo. Tuesday brought newscurrents in the morning and a categories game in the afternoon. On Wednesday, we listened to some Irish songs and reminisced about those, made a cute Leprechaun door hanging, and staff went shopping for residents at the Dollar General and Miller’s. Thursday we had Bible Study with Pastor Deb in the morning and a St. Patrick’s Day party. It was fun to have some treats and games, and to just celebrate together! There was Bingo again on Thursday evening. Friday we had church with Pastor Deb in the morning and the ladies had their nails painted on Friday afternoon. Saturday we got some exercise in the morning and played bingo and noodle ball in the afternoon. Sunday brought a fun karaoke singalong.

Since Sunday the 20th is the first day of spring, we are going to start talking about all things spring! It is definitely helping that the weather is FINALLY warming up, now let’s just hope we don’t get any surprise late season blizzards. Monday the 21st we will be talking and reminiscing about gardening in the morning. We have the fun dice game bunco in the afternoon and Bingo in the evening. Tuesday will be newscurrents and a newer game, Zig Zag Zoom. We will also play finish the song lyrics later in the afternoon. On Wednesday, we will have choir in the morning and Wednesday also means shopping day. Staff will be out and about picking up items for residents. On Thursday the 24th, we will talk about old fashioned remedies in the morning. This will be interesting to see what kinds of things were used to treat ailments, and which things our residents have tried themselves! We will have pretty nails in the afternoon and a rousing game of fly swatter ball. Friday brings us church with Pastor Deb in the morning and happy half hour in the afternoon. That should be a fun way to wrap up with week!
We have four staff birthdays next week – Chandra Campbell and Tracey Beckman on March 20, Kayla Whetzel on March 21, and Shelby Krueger on March 24 - Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Our sympathies go out to the family of Donna Bakkum, who passed away on March 9. Donna was a wonderful person who loved to be around and visit with others, we will miss her infectious smile!

Until next time … a thought for the week … acknowledging a mistake just means that you are wiser today than you were yesterday …