Greetings from “The Home” front …

Wow! It is already the first week in February! I wish the snow would go away as fast as the months and years seem to be going!

After Trivia on Monday morning, ChiChi did a cooking demonstration featuring her famous and delicious spring rolls. She showed everyone how she prepares them and then the residents got to taste test the results. We also played Bunco and then Bingo in the evening. Tuesday brought Newscurrents in the morning followed by Kitchen Capers in the afternoon. The residents made a yummy treat - red velvet cake truffles. We also remembered snow days during Reminisce, very fitting for that day since we had a blizzard! On Wednesday we learned some Groundhog Fun Facts. Residents were invited to find hidden groundhogs around LMH, whoever finds the most won a prize! Since I have a Tuesday deadline for this column, I do not know if the ground hog saw his shadow on Wednesday but I certainly hope not! We’ve had enough snow and stormy weather for one winter. During Crafts, the residents made pop up Valentines which they decorated for friends and family. Staff also went shopping for residents. Pastor Deb was here for Bible Study on Thursday followed by Pretty Nails and a Valentine Roll & Cover Game. That sounds like it was fun! We also had Bingo in the evening. After Church on Friday morning there was Happy ½ hour in the afternoon. What a great way to end the week! On Saturday there is Sit & Be Fit plus Bingo and Wheel of Fortune!

We play Fiction Writer Detective on Sunday. Since the Winter Olympics start on February 4th, we are planning to get a head start on the festivities by hosting Floor Hockey and Olympic Full House on Monday. Earlier in the day we will learn all about the Olympic Games. Did you know that the Gold Medal is actually made of gold, copper, and nickel silver? And that the Biathlon is considered the hardest Olympic sport. Fargo has a member on the Olympic Biathlon Team – Congratulations and Best Wishes to Paul Schommer! Let’s be sure to watch and cheer for our local North Dakota athlete go for the gold. We will have a special musical treat when Sarah Gage comes to play her harp for us on Tuesday. Everyone is looking forward to hearing her play. There is also Newscurrents and Jeopardy on the schedule. After Choir on Wednesday and during Reminisce, Molly will show and talk about vintage Valentines. Thursday brings an interesting look at “All About Umbrellas” plus Pretty Nails and Who Am I? There is also Bingo in the evening. We have church on Friday morning followed by a Popcorn Social when we will try out various popcorn toppings.

There are three resident birthdays next week – Happy Birthday to Gary Volk on February 7th, Del “Doc” Hlavinka on February 10th and Roma Beck on February 11th. There are also three staff birthdays coming up. Katherine Bennett on February 6th, Abigail Olson February 9th and Tara Anderson on February 12th. Best wishes to all of you and end enjoy your special day.

Until next time … a thought for the week … The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra … Make it a great week everyone!