Residents dying and decorating Easter eggs
Resident's at our Easter Bonnet Parade

Greetings from “The Home” front …

Another busy week here at LMH as we prepare for Easter. ChiChi started us out on Sunday with Karaoke -she had everyone singing, clapping and laughing – what a great way to start the week! On Monday there was Bunco first thing in the morning right after Coffee Time and Folding. We dyed Easter Eggs in the afternoon and there was also a Resident Council meeting. Of course, Bingo in the evening. Andrea led Newscurrents Tuesday morning followed by an Easter Egg Hunt – the residents and staff had fun trying to find all the eggs. We had to use our eggs we dyed to make deviled eggs, our residents helped us perfect the recipe and really enjoyed that treat! We also learned all about the Easter bunny during our trivia activity. Lysa led Choir on Wednesday morning and then the crafty crafters made Easter cards during crafts later in the afternoon. On Maundy Thursday there was a Scrambled Egg Game plus Pretty Nails and Easter Jeopardy, then Bingo in the evening. Father Bob led Catholic Mass Friday morning followed by Pastor Deb who led a Protestant worship. She also showed us a Palm Braiding Demonstration in the afternoon. It was quite interesting and intricate. Dakota is here on Saturday to led Sit & Be Fit in the morning followed by Bingo and Easter Egg Detective in the afternoon.

Pastor Deb is back on Sunday for an Easter Service at 2 p.m. in our chapel. May you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter with family and friends.
Next week we have April Trivia on Monday morning plus we will learn All About Jell-O in the afternoon. The residents and staff will get to taste test some of their favorites – you know there is “always room for Jell-O”. We will also put up the travel map and let everyone talk about the places they have been. And, of course, there is Bingo in the evening. After Newscurrents on Tuesday, Gary Kaldor will be here to sing and play his guitar. We are all looking forward to that! Lysa will play the piano for Name That Tune on Wednesday and there will be crafts in the afternoon. Not sure what Molly will come up with for crafts but it is sure to be fun. Staff will also go shopping for the residents at Millers and Dollar General. Pastor Deb leads Bible Study on Thursday morning followed by Pretty Nails and Down Memory Lane. Plus, Bingo in the evening. There is Mass and Protestant Worship on Friday morning followed by Happy ½ hour.

We have two resident birthdays next week – Roger Syvertsen on April 17 and Kim Plank on April 21st. Only one staff birthday – Esther Gamez Pleune on April 18th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Until next time … a thought for the week from Dolly Parton … If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one …