Greetings from "The Home" front ...

First of all a big shout out THANK YOU to the staff members who stayed late, worked extra shifts and came in for other employees during this winter snow. Everyone is pulling together until this record cold spell leaves us! Thanks for all your hard work.

It was activities as usual here at LMH - we don't let a little bit of snow and cold weather stop us from having fun. Monday was newscurrents in the morning and card/board games in the afternoon. We also had snowman races and played bingo in the evening. Tuesday brought Sit & Be Fit and then Rhythm Band. Lots of toe tapping and clapping to keep our circulation going! Nancy played the piano for Name That Tune Wednesday morning, played Bunco and we got ready for Thursday's rummage sale in the afternoon. We had a good turnout Thursday for the sale - there were lots of bargains galore! Friday brought mass and church in the morning and pretty nails and happy 1/2 hour in the afternoon. It's Ground Hog Day on Saturday - I certainly hope he does not see his shadow - six more weeks of winter is not necessary this year. To celebrate we are playing Groundhog Trivia and showing the movie "Ground Hog Day “as our 3 p.m. movie matinee. This comedy features Bill Murray as weatherman Phil Connors who, during an assignment covering the annual Ground Hog Day celebration, is caught in a time loop - repeatedly reliving the same day over and over! There is also Kaffee Hus on both Saturday and Sunday from 2-3:30 p.m. Come in out of the cold and enjoy some hot coffee, dessert and good conversation.

Next week we start out with Newscurrents, Card & board Games and popcorn on Monday. We will be moving our bodies at Sit & Be Fit and Rhythm Band on Tuesday. There is Choir and Bunco on Wednesday. Pastor Diane will be here Thursday for Bible Study in the morning followed by Kitchen Cappers and Cupid Races in the afternoon. I am not sure what our resident cooks will be making at Kitchen Cappers but am sure it will be delicious - will let you know next week. We have mass, church, bowling and pretty nails on Friday.

There are two resident birthdays next week - Avis VanWechel on February 7th and also Sun Center resident Ardele Meberg celebrates her birthday on February 7th. Lucky 7's! Staff members Jada Nygaard has her birthday February 1st, Susan Anderson on the 2nd and Shaunna Gienger on the 4th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Our sympathy to the friends and family of Harris Woell who passed away January 23rd. Harris enjoyed visiting about the weather and farming, listening to the radio and having chocolate. Rest in peace Harris - you will be missed.

Until next time ... a thought for the week ... Make Space to Slow the Pace. We can enjoy the fullness of life and accomplished tasks with joy if we take time for rest, reflection and appreciation.