Greetings from “The Home” front …home

Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day!!! We have plenty of sunshine coming our way! The residents have been enjoying these past few days by going out on the patio and courtyard to sit in the sunshine and view the flowers. What a great way to spend time!

Monday, after newscurrents in the morning, some of the residents played cards while others went on a sightseeing trip around Portland/Mayville. We had bingo in the evening. Tuesday brought Sit & Be Fit and Rhythm Band. There was Name That Tune on Wednesday morning and my favorite game (BUNCO!!) in the afternoon. While Molly went shopping for the residents, Nancy created poetry with some of the others.

On Thursday Elaine was here for reading and then we had a special activity in the afternoon thanks to Pam Sedler who brought sun hats for our ladies (and men) to decorate. The residents picked out flowers and ribbons to adorn their hat and activities staff helped attach them. Afterwards everyone went out on the patio to enjoy lemonade and sunshine. Of course, there was bingo in the evening. Friday brings Mass and Church in the morning followed by pretty nails and happy ½ hour in the afternoon. We have reminisce on Saturday morning with bingo and Kaffee Hus later on.
Speaking of Kaffee Hus – a special thank you to Betty LeClair and Riverside Church who brought two heaping pans of various cakes/bars for us to enjoy at Kaffee Hus last weekend. She also brought a pan for the residents of Meadowlark Lane. Thanks for thinking of us – I know the residents and visitors enjoyed the treats.

Next week we start out with a Food Committee meeting and newscurrents on Monday morning. There is cards in the afternoon and another sightseeing trip with our van. And bingo in the evening. Sit & Be Fit is on Tuesday morning and Rhythm Band after dinner. We have a special event planned for Wednesday – June 12 – it is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day and we are having a Peanut Butter Cookie contest. The residents and staff will get to vote on which BP cookie they think is the best. (Hint – I am already perfecting my recipe!). There is also resident council in the morning and shopping in the afternoon. We have reading, pretty nails and iced tea on the patio planned for Thursday. And bingo in the evening. After Mass and Church on Friday the Wahls will be here for special music in the dining room. Friday is also Flag Day and we will have a flag fact program at 4 p.m.

Thursday (June 13) is CNA/TA/CMA appreciation day. There will be a special breakfast available in the picnic shelter for our night/morning staff and supper for our evening staff in the break room. This is a special thank you from our administration for all these people do for our residents. They are the “front line” for taking care of our resident’s needs and we appreciate their hard work.

We have several birthdays next week… Residents Hazel Bird (June 8), Kaye Kvislen (June 13) and LeRoy Brenna (June 13) will all be celebrating. So will Sun Center resident Winky Gummer (June 12) and staff members Denise Vaagene (June 12), and Amy Ramstad (June 14). Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!!

Our sympathy goes out to the friends and family of three of our residents who passed away these last few weeks. Gerald Brainerd on May 28, Verne Thompson on May 31 and Margaret Grorud also on May 31. Gerald enjoyed listening to the “Sound of Music” and anything related to Julie Andrews. Verne was with us briefly but spend time reconnecting with an old classmate who is also a resident here at LMH. They shared several school stories. Margaret is the grandmother of Aurdal pastor Karen Seifert. Margaret enjoyed reading her bible and hearing devotions. Rest in Peace Gerald, Verne and Margaret.

Until next time … a thought for the week … Be kind to everyone because it costs you nothing and it takes you far …