Greetings from “The Home” front ….

Hello again – it is good to be back now that Mr. Flu Bug has left the building. A shout out THANK YOU to the staff that came in and worked extra shifts for others that had contracted this nasty bug. Happy to say that everyone is on the mend and are routines are back to usual.

Another big thank you goes to the staff that made it through the snowstorm to get to work this week. Just because there is a blizzard, the nursing home does not shut down and all of our residents receive the same great care – thank you to everyone!

Monday started out with newscurrents – the big topic was the snow! – and then many of the residents got together to play cards in the afternoon. We also did a cute snowman craft, played noodle ball and bingo in the evening. On Tuesday, New Years Eve, there was Sit & Be Fit in the morning to help get rid of those holiday calories and then it was time for our New Years Eve Party! The Hayshakers provided the lively music and of course there was food!!! There was Bible Study Thursday morning and then the staff will be taking down Christmas decorations while the residents watch movies, play cards, work on jig saw puzzles or visit. Mass and Church start out Friday morning activities followed by Pretty Nails and Happy ½ hour. On Saturday morning Andrea will be here for Pass the Pig and then Bingo in the afternoon. There is also Kaffee Hus in the dining room from 2-3:30 on both Saturday and Sunday. We have a special musical event also on Sunday at 2 p.m. We look forward to that!

Next week there is Newscurrents on Monday morning followed by a Strull demonstration by Lisa and Nancy – oh yummy – I can hardly wait! There are also a variety of table games to play and bingo in the evening. Tuesday brings Sit & Be Fit and Rhythm Band. Staff will also be setting up for our rummage sale. Wednesday it’s our RUMMAGE SALE!!! This is open to the public and we have some great bargains so be sure to stop by and check it out. 11 to 3 p.m.! There is Resident Council on Thursday morning and then it’s time for our Peter Boe 3rd graders visit to their “adopted” grandparents – the first visit of the new year!! Am sure there will be lots of visiting about what the children got for Christmas. We have bingo in the evening. Mass and church start out our Friday activities followed by popcorn and pretty nails in the afternoon.

Betty Pickard’s door depicting a shimmery snowman was the winner of our Decorate the Door Contest. The judges had a hard time choosing a winner as there were many cute doors to liven up our hallways.

Another special thank you goes out to Chris Larson who conducted our church service last Friday. You did a great job Chris and everyone appreciated your efforts.
I missed several birthdays these last two weeks – so it you see any of the following people – be sure to wish them a belated Happy Birthday: Carol Moen on December 26, Violet Rindy on December 29 and Betty Davis on December 31st. Sun Center resident Stuart Neset on December 20th and several staff members including Eric Eken and Natassaja Eberhardt on December 29, Ava Nelson and LaDonna Patraw on December 30 and Ilene Larson on December 31st. A special Happy Birthday to Ilene who turned 80 and still works in our laundry!!! Way to go Ilene!!
We were saddened by the deaths of three residents during the past few weeks: Fyrne Berthold on December 22, Margaret Nelson on December 24 and Ivy Harstad on December 26th. Fyrne enjoyed watching TV, visiting with school friends and CHOCOLATE! Margaret enjoyed visits from family and staff, listening to devotions and music. Ivy, a long-time resident of LMH enjoyed music, hand massages and also hearing devotions. Rest in Peace you three angels – you will be missed.

Until next time … a thought for the week … Most people need love and acceptance more than they need advice