Margaret Gunderson and daughters Leigh Gunkel and Susan Bellon show the beautiful valentines card residents made Feb 11th.

Greetings from “The Home” front …

My friend Maxine has the right idea – she LOVES snow – as long as it’s in a paper cone covered with syrup!!

It has been a busy Valentine week here at LMH despite the weather. Monday was newscurrents in the morning and then resident Margaret Gunderson’s daughters were here to help our residents create a valentine card. What a fun time and the valentines turned out so beautiful!! Thank you so much ladies for sharing your talents with us. Tuesday, after Sit & Be Fit, it was time for our Sweetheart Dinner for our residents and their spouses. The Activity room looked so pretty with linen tablecloths, rose bowl centerpieces and the kitchen served a special meal complete with wine! We also had Rhythm Band in the afternoon. Wednesday brought resident council in the morning and quilting with Mary and her gang in the afternoon. The residents worked on special mug rugs – they chose fabric last week and then the gang took the projects back home to sew. The project is coming together nicely and the mug rugs look great! We celebrated Valentine’s Day on Thursday with Noodle ball in the morning and then Leonard and Betty Wahl entertained us with special music. We also crowned our Valentine King and Queen. Since I had a Wednesday deadline for this column – you will have to wait until next week to find out which residents were crowned with this special honor. After Catholic communion with Pam and church on Friday, the ladies got their nails done at Pretty Nails and then everyone celebrated with Happy ½ hour. Elaine is here on Saturday for a North Dakota City History Bee. Here are a couple of questions to test your ND city IQ… A. In what North Dakota town is the largest Holstein cow statue? B. Or what city has the largest Bison statue? Answers are at the bottom of this column. The Saturday movie is a video featuring 25 Fantastic Fords – this is a great video for all you car aficionados out there whether it be a Chevy or a Ford.

We start out next week with President’s Day on Monday – there will be Newscurrents in the morning and Cards/Board Games in the afternoon followed by President’s Day Trivia. There is Sit & Be Fit on Tuesday morning and Rhythm Band in the afternoon. Nancy will be playing the piano for Name That tune Wednesday morning and the crafters will make heart shaped window clings during crafts in the afternoon. Pastor Diane is here for Bible Study Thursday morning and we will be playing bunco plus pretty nails in the afternoon. Friday brings mass and church AND the American Legion/VFW will be here in the afternoon for money bingo! OH my – it is already almost the end of the month – can you believe it!

We have two resident birthdays next week – Gloria Boedekker on February 20th and Shirley Radloff on February 22nd. Sun Center Resident Marion Larson has a birthday on February 19th. There are also five staff members with birthdays next week – Amanda Kville (Feb 19), Alice Simengaard, Tracy McGillis and Samantha Clagg all on February 20; and Junior Nelson on February 22nd. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

We are also saying “Good Bye” to staff member Tony Bushey who is retiring this week. Tony worked in the Maintenance Dept and also drove the van to take our resident’s to appointments. Best of luck Tony and enjoy your retirement.

Until next time … a thought for the week … A good laugh and a long sleep are two best cures for anything.

Trivia Answers: A. New Salem and B. Jamestown