Chris Larson donated the new sound system for Activities

Greetings from “The Home” front …

I don’t know what Mother Nature has been thinking but we are supposed to still be celebrating SUMMER – not these wet winterlike days!! Let’s hope things heat up a bit so we can still enjoy some days on the patio and courtyard.

Thanks to Mother Nature the van was unable to go sightseeing Monday afternoon so we played Noodle Ball instead – there was lots of laughing and giggling. There was newscurrents in the morning and since August 26th was National Dog Day, we learned a little bit about the history of that all-American much loved animal. Other residents played cards and enjoyed bingo in the evening. Riverside Church hosted the Auxiliary Birthday Party on Tuesday – Terry Erickson and Trish Knutson performed and the residents enjoyed cupcakes for dessert. It’s a good thing we had Sit & Be Fit in the morning so those cupcake calories didn’t count. Nancy was here for a sign-along Wednesday and in the afternoon, Molly helped the residents make a colored window hanging. Men’s Club met Thursday morning and in the afternoon the ladies got their nails done just in time for Happy ½ hour. What a way to end on Friday – after mass and church in the morning Joe Schmidt was here for a musical event in the dining room. Joe always does a fabulous show and the dining room is always packed. Plus had a picnic in the shelter during dinner time. On Saturday the residents will try their hand at poetry during a creative writing class and then there is 5 square in the afternoon. Don’t forget Kaffee Hus every Saturday from 2-3:30. Lots of coffee and yummy goodies for your enjoyment, and we have a Saturday matinee movie at 3 pm.

Next week we start out with Crosswords at 2 p.m. Sunday in the activity room. There is newcurrents on Monday morning. Since it is Labor Day, in the afternoon we will be talking about the various jobs we have done during our lifetime. There is also bingo in the evening. We have Sit & Be Fit and Rhythm Band on Tuesday. Wednesday brings Name That Tune in the morning and crafts in the afternoon. Pastor Diane is here for Bible Study Thursday morning and then its time for Bunco. We will also be reminiscing later on about our relatives. There is mass and church on Friday and pretty nails and happy ½ hour. Another busy week as the time just seems to fly by.

A special thank you goes out to Chris Larson who donated a newer sound system to the activities department to use at many of our events. Thanks so much Chris – can you hear me now?????

We have one Sun Center birthday and one staff birthday to end the month of August – Joan Simengaard in Sun Center and staff member Terri Holm both celebrate on August 31st. Next week resident Dale Wamstad has a September 4th birthday. Several Sun Center residents will be celebrating – Ardis Callahan on September 1st and Ken Eken and Dave Anderson on September 4th. There are also many staff members whose birthday falls the first week of September: Rachel Balstad and Linda Strand on September 2nd , Carole Carpenter September 4th , Pamela Eken September 5th and Madisen Knudsvig on September 6th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!!!

Until next time … a thought for the week … FEAR has two meanings – Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise. The choice is yours …