Greetings from “The Home” front …

The weeks are really flying by – hopefully spring will be here soon – that is the wish of most of our staff and residents.

Gran Lutheran Church was here on Sunday for a special music event in the chapel – what a great performance by everyone involved. After that, the residents enjoyed a Super Bowl Party complete with snacks and soda. Too bad the game wasn’t more exciting but we still had fun!

Monday brought newscurrents with Elaine and then cards and board games and popcorn. It was Sit and Be Fit on Tuesday followed by rhythm band in the afternoon. There was choir on Wednesday and we played a rousing game of bunco in the afternoon. Pastor Diane was here for Bible Study Thursday morning and during Kitchen Cappers the resident cooks frosted valentine cookies. We also held Cupid Races. After mass and church on Friday the residents went bowling and got their nails done at pretty nails. On Saturday we played Valentine Roll and Cover in the morning and did crosswords in the afternoon. Our 3 p.m. movie matinee is “Driving Miss Daisy.” With actors like Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy, you know it will be a good movie. There is also Kaffee Hus from 2-3:30 on both Saturday and Sunday in the dining room.

We have a busy week planned for next week. On Sunday there is Valentine Wheel of Fortune at 2 p.m. in the activity room. Food committee meets on Monday morning followed by newscurrents. Resident Margaret Gunderson’s daughters will be here Monday afternoon to help the residents make Valentine Cards. We certainly appreciate their willingness to participate and volunteer to spend time with us. Invitations have gone out to our Sweetheart Dinner which will be held on Tuesday. This is a very special event and we “gussie up” the Activity Room with linen tablecloths, centerpieces and make it a lovely time for our couples. There will be Rhythm Band in the dining room later in the afternoon. We have resident council on Wednesday morning and then Mary and her quilting gang will be here to work on another project with the residents. Thursday February 14 is going to be super special, busy and fun for everyone. Our Valentine Party will be held at 2 p.m. in conjunction with a visit from the Peter Boe 3rd graders who are here to see their “adopted” grandparents. We have music by The Wahls and a chance for the children to witness the crowing of our Valentine King and Queen. The ballot box is in the activity room and everyone is invited to cast their ballot for their favorite valentine. We float back down with mass and church on Friday along with pretty nails and happy ½ hour.

Activity Professionals Week was January 20-26th but due to weather concerns we didn’t celebrate until this Thursday. A big thank you to Activities Director Lisa Nelson and the LMH Administration for the nice noon time meal from Paula’s. The Activities staff enrich the lives of all the residents and staff at LMH and promote the well being of everyone. Good job everyone!

There are several birthdays next week – Residents Amos Kjorness and Roma Beck both have birthdays on February 11th. Sun Center resident Jean Ann Fugleberg has her birthday February 14th! Staff Members Tara Anderson, Sheryl Manninen and Heather Wilson have February 12th birthdays; Ashton Sundeen’s birthday is February 13; Aimee Gangelhoff’s is February 14th; Jennifer Koenig, Josh Balstad, and Yvonne Vigil all share February 15th for a birthday. Best wishes to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Until next time … a thought for the week … we can’t always choose the music life plays for us but we can choose how we dance to it.