Greetings from “The Home” front …

We’ve had a busy week to start off September. On Monday (Labor Day) we had an interesting round table discussion about the various jobs our residents have held in their lifetime; what their first job was and how much it paid. Of all the residents in the discussion, none of them had had the same type of job. There was Sit & Be Fit on Tuesday morning and Rhythm Band in the afternoon. Nancy led Name That Tune in the morning on Wednesday and then the crafty ladies (and a few men) made birthday cards. Pastor Diane was here for Bible Study Thursday and we played Bunco in the afternoon. The residents also reminisced abut favorite relatives. Father Bob led Mass Friday morning and Pastor Diane led a Protestant service right before dinner; then the ladies got their nails done just in time for Happy ½ hour. Molly will be here for Down Memory Lane on Saturday – she unusually brings some unique “treasure” to show and talk about and in the afternoon, there will be bingo. We also have a 3 p.m. movie matinee.

Don’t forget Kaffee Hus is always from 2-3:30 on both Saturday and Sunday in the dining room.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services State Survey team from Bismarck have been here this past week observing and interviewing our staff and residents. This is a once a year inspection mandated by the government to ensure quality standards in all North Dakota long term care facilities. I will have the results in next week’s column but I am sure they will be top notch.

Speaking of next week, we start off the week on Sunday with music by Pam in the chapel. Pam will play her guitar and sing. On Monday there is a food committee meeting first thing in the morning and then newscurrents. The van will be taking some of the residents shopping at Dollar General while others will stay “home” and play cards. A spelling bee is planned for later in the day. It’s Sit & Be Fit on Tuesday morning and then a Farewell Party for our social worker Jessica Edwards. Resident Council meets on Wednesday morning and Molly will be doing crafts in the afternoon. We will also have a special 911 Remembrance Display. Pie and Ice Cream will be served to the Tenants of Sun Center Apartments in honor of Assisted Living Week. The Men’s Club meets Thursday morning and we have a special treat in the afternoon – music by Steve Warner. He always does such a good job and the residents enjoy his music. Thanks for stopping by and playing for us Steve. We are also planning a rousing table hockey game for later in the day and bingo in the evening. Friday will be our last picnic of the year – where did the summer go (or did it ever come???). The kitchen will be serving a picnic in the shelter during dinner. Prior to that there is Mass and Church. After the picnic, we have planned some Kitchen Cappers with the residents making pickles. There will also be time for Pretty Nails later in the afternoon.

A SUPER THANLK YOU to Greg Tastad who built the most wonderful crossword puzzle table for our residents. It is higher than a usual table so a wheelchair fits comfortably under it and there is a lip around the edge so errant puzzle parts don’t land on the floor. Our residents are truly enjoying it. Thank you so very much Greg.

Only three birthdays next week – Resident Esther Bring has her birthday on September 12th. Two staff members Zachery Turpin and Grace Koshney have September 13th birthdays. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day.

Our sympathy to the family and friends of Agnes Basol who passed away Monday at the remarkable age of 101+. Agnes was a spry centenarian who enjoyed coffee time every morning where she visited with other residents and staff and read the paper. She also enjoyed doing word search puzzles and reading books. Rest in Peace Agnes, you will be missed.

Until next time … a thought for the week… the word is changed by your example, not by your opinion.