Residents are busy peeling potatoes in preparation of the Lefse Demonstration.

Greetings from “The Home” front

What a nice turnout we had for Hanging of the Greens last Sunday – lots of baked items at our sale and the resident’s doors and rooms look so festive with the holiday decorations. I will post the winners of the door decorating contest in next week’s column – the judges are taking their time as there are so many creative ones to choose from.

There was a food committee meeting on Monday morning followed by newscurrents with Elaine. Some of the residents played cards in the afternoon while others helped peel potatoes in order to make lefse on Tuesday. Men’s Club also met and there was bingo in the evening. A nice time to be inside during this super cold spell. There was a sing along Tuesday morning and then Nancy and Lisa gave a lefse making demonstration. There is a fine art to rolling that dough so thin but that’s what makes it so delicious. Are you a butter only or a butter/sugar or a butter, sugar and cinnamon lefse lover??? The residents got to choose and enjoy this Norwegian treat. This year the activity staff are making lefse made from real potatoes and also from potato flakes, there will be a taste test to see, can you really taste a difference. After resident council on Wednesday morning, the crafters got busy and made Christmas ornaments. There was a chance for everyone to get their picture taken on Thursday at our Christmas Photo booth. We had a nice holiday scene as the background and each resident will be able to order photos to send to friends and family. In the afternoon, the Peter Boe 3rd graders came to visit their “adopted” grandparents. Together they worked on a craft project. The Polliwog Music Group had their Christmas program later in the day in our chapel. The residents always enjoy hearing the children perform their musical pieces. Friday brings Mass and church and then our famous Cookie Sampler. It’s a chance for the residents to enjoy various cookies made by the staff. On Saturday Pam will be here for Reminisce in the morning and bingo in the afternoon. There is also Kaffee Hus on both Saturday and Sunday from 2-3:30 in the dining room. On Sunday we will have a special musical treat when the Perry Church members come by for caroling. We will also be playing Holiday Wheel of Fortune at 2 p.m.

Next week starts out with newscurrents in the morning and then a Strull making demonstration by Nancy and Lisa in the afternoon. We are also planning a snowball toss. After all these holiday treats, it’s time for Sit & Be Fit on Tuesday morning and then Holiday Rhythm Band in the afternoon. The Awana group will also be caroling later on. We have a Christmas Sing a Long planned for Wednesday and Christmas Card making in the afternoon. Pastor Deb Stave will be here for Bible Study on Thursday morning and then it’s time for our Resident Christmas Party! The Wahls will be here to provide entertainment and we are hoping for an early visit from Santa Claus with lots of presents for our residents. There is mass and church on Friday and Bingo with the American Legion/VFW in the afternoon.

We have two resident birthdays next week – Fern Fugleberg on December 17th. Wilma Nelson and Eleanor Grinde (both Sun Center Residents) also have the same birth date – December 14th. And we have several staff members with birthday next week too – Amanda Jordan (Dec, 15), Francisco Smukalla (Dec 16), Laura Miller (Dec 18), Abbey Linster (Dec 19) and Theresa Nelson (Dec 20). Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!!!

Until next time … a thought for the week … Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference …