Mayville State University 's Decca Students painted pumpkins with Luther Memorial Home Residents.

Greetings from “The Home” front …

Well whack me with a wet dog bone – I missed a very important birthday last week – our therapy dog Scooby celebrated her 12th birthday on October 25th. She received many wonderful dog treats from our residents as everyone wished her a Happy Birthday.

Another milestone worth mentioning was the 73rd (Yes, 73rd) anniversary of Walter and Vi Rindy. They were married October 26th, 1946. Congratulations to both of you – may you enjoy many more years together.

There was Halloween trivia on Sunday – what is the most popular candy that children want on Halloween? (Snickers!) On Monday we started out with newscurrents and then had Kitchen Cappers in the afternoon. The residents made and decorated Marshmallow witches. They also played Halloween 5 square (a word association game) and then bingo in the evening. After eating our witches at Kitchen Cappers on Monday, we needed Sit & Be Fit Tuesday morning. In the afternoon it was time for Rhythm Band. Wednesday brought Choir in the morning followed by Bunco in the afternoon. What a fabulous time everyone had at our Halloween Party on Thursday afternoon. Special thanks to the residents and staff who wore costumes – it always makes the event more festive. The Hayshakers were here to entertain and then from 3:30-4:40, children from the community came to visit. The residents sat outside their rooms and handed out candy as each child walked by. It was hard to tell from the big smiles who enjoyed it most. There was church on Friday with Pastor Dianne and then Pretty Nails and Happy ½ hour. It’s National Bison Day on Saturday (who knew???) and we will have information about Bison as our 10:30 activity. There is Kaffee Hus from 2-3:30 on both Saturday and Sunday in the dining room. We will also be playing Bingo at 2 p.m. in the activity room.

Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday! Highland church will be here for a musical presentation at 2 p.m. in the chapel. There is newscurrents on Monday morning followed by cards in the afternoon. We shake things up a bit by having Sit & Be Fit on Monday at 2:30 rather than our usual Tuesday activity. That is because the SOS students from the college will be here to play board games with our residents on Tuesday morning. Getting back to Monday we will have turkey races (not real ones I hope) and bingo in the evening. After board games on Tuesday there will be Rhythm Band in the afternoon. November 5th is also National Redhead Day and we will be celebrating Gingers in the afternoon. Its Name That Tune with Nancy on Wednesday morning followed by Bunco in the afternoon. Pastor Dianne is here for Bible Study Thursday morning and we will have a special van trip for our Veteran’s to attend the Veterans program at the high school. This is always an outstanding tribute to the men and women who gave so much for the freedom of our country. Afterwards there is 5 square and bingo in the evening. We have mass and church on Friday and then Ron Jacobson from Jacobson’s Studio in Mayville will have his display of local veteran’s photographs. The display will be in our activity room. I hope you get a chance to stop by and see it as it is a very moving tribute. Later on, the ladies will have a chance to get their nails painted at Pretty Nails.

November 7th must have been a popular day for births – resident Ivy Harstad celebrates her birthday on November 7th as does Marion Knudson and Donna Wilke who both live in Sun Center Apartment. Staff member Manih Oshkosh has her birthday November 2nd, Sophie Kloster on November 6th and Sheila Rustvang on November 8th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day.

Our sympathy to the friends and family of James (Jimmy) Flaten who passed away on October 23rd. Jimmy was with us briefly and enjoyed visits from friends and family, listening to music and hearing devotions. Rest in Peace, Jimmy – you will be missed.

Until next time … a thought for the week … Let your smile change the world – don’t let the world change your smile.