Roger Anderson has enjoyed the warmer weather and going for walks outdoors in the courtyard.

Greetings from “The Home” front …

It’s been a busy week here at “The Home”. We started out on Sunday when Elaine did a reminisce activity talking about those famous Avon Ladies and how the cosmetic industry has changed over the years. The ladies in attendance all reminisced about their experiences. There was Lamb Categories Monday morning – in case you are wondering. Lamb Categories was a fun word game similar to 5 square. So now you know! There was a Resident Council meeting in the afternoon and Bingo in the evening. It was nice to have Andrea Knudson back after being gone 8 weeks to recover from surgery. We missed you! There was Newscurrents on Tuesday followed by Name That Tune. We had a fun time with Crosswords Wednesday morning and then Nancy did a St Patrick’s Day Craft with the residents. Thursday brought a St Patrick’s Day guessing game followed by Pretty Nails in the afternoon. There was also Bingo in the evening. Pastor Deb was here for Church on Friday morning and we celebrated TGIF Happy ½ hour later on. Saturday brings Sit & Be Fit, Bingo and a Movie Matinee. There is also a dedicated group of residents that meet early every morning (Monday through Friday) to do folding of the linens – this saves our laundry gals time and is most appreciated. The Coffee Cart also goes around to every resident’s room in the morning serving coffee, cocoa, juice and treats. Residents have been enjoying visiting different places and watching different you tube videos later in the afternoons. It’s amazing the places you can go virtually. We hope to have the activity room open again soon so that the residents can come, have coffee and visit with others.

With the warmer weather the residents have enjoyed going for walks in the courtyard.

Next week starts out with Tales of the Irish on Monday morning followed by the residents writing letters to their Peter Boe 3rd Grade pen pals. The 3rd graders and our residents are getting to know each other via these monthly letters and it has been fun to read their responses. We have Newscurrents and Rhythm Band on Tuesday. Get ready on Wednesday as we will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day in grand style. Residents and staff are encouraged to dress up and enjoy our social in the afternoon. We will also learn some interesting facts about Ireland during our 10:30 activity. Pastor Deb comes for Bible Study on Thursday and the ladies will get their nails done at Pretty Nails in the afternoon. We have Virtual Mass and then Church on Friday followed by Table Hockey. Table Hockey is a blast!! The residents sit opposite each other at a table and using Swiffer dusters try to move the hockey puck down the table to score a goal! There is always lots of laughter and joking! What a great way to end the week!

We have one resident birthday next week – Resident Council President Chris Larson has his special day on March 19th. There are two Sun Center residents with birthdays – Bob Verwest on March 18th and Shirley Nelson on March 20th. We have several staff also celebrating – Meagan Karolus on March 16th, Taylor Ramstad on March 17th, Skyler Straight on March 19th, and Chandra Campbell and Tracey Beckman both on March 20th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Our sympathy to the friends and family of Gerald Storbo who passed away March 3rd. Gerald enjoyed visiting with residents and staff, working on jig saw puzzles and participating in other activities. He was also a former Valentine King. Rest in Peace Gerald – you will be missed.

Until next time … I leave you with this Irish Blessing … A good friend is like a four-leaf clover – hard to find and lucky to have ….. Make it a great week everyone!