Greetings from “The Home” front …

Our activities continue despite the hot weather, although we decided to cancel and reschedule the fireworks demo on Sunday because of the heat. We played Bingo instead and we had several big winners. Monday was “Camping Day” and the residents reminisced about their adventures while camping. During Crafts in the afternoon, everyone made the cutest (honest!!) little camper/trailer door decoration. We finished the afternoon by making S’mores. Tuesday brought Newscurrents in the morning followed by Rhythm Band and then Beach Day Detective. Beach Day Detective is a game of observational skills and memory. We played Bunco on Wednesday and staff went shopping at Dollar General for the residents who had special requests. Thursday brought Choir in the morning followed by Pretty Nails and Lemonade on the Patio. Pastor Deb was here for Church on Friday and then we had special music by The Wahls. The residents sure enjoy the musical activities! There will be Sit & Be Fit on Saturday plus Bingo and a Movie Matinee. Molly will be here on Sunday afternoon to play Crosswords.

We start out next week with Noodle Ball and a Sightseeing trip around Portland/Mayville. Last week when we went on the van trip, several residents pointed out the houses where they used to live and commented on the changes in both Portland and Mayville. On Tuesday morning there will be Newscurrents and in the afternoon, we will be celebrating a very special occasion – Andrews Berg is having a 100th Birthday Party and the residents are all invited! Happy Birthday Andrew! Later in the day, there will be poetry reading. My favorite game – Bunco – is on the schedule for Wednesday morning followed by Crafts in the afternoon. Not sure what the residents will be making but the staff always come up with some great ideas. Pastor Deb will lead Bible Study on Thursday morning followed by Pretty Nails and Ice Tea on the Patio. Of course, there is Bingo in the evening. We have Church on Friday and then Happy Half Hour in the afternoon.

Last week we had very few birthdays but we are certainly making up for it this week!! Here at LMH, Bob Judisch has his birthday July 11th, Delberta Rossignol has hers on July 12th, and of course, as mentioned above – Andrew Berg has his 100th on July 13th. Down in Sun Center both Helen Strand and Marlys Grotte have birthdays on July 13th. There are also two staff members getting older next week – Shelly Aune on July 11th and Christopher Winkler on July 16th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!
Our sympathy to staff member Cindy Gee on the passing of her mother, Elizabeth (Betty) Davis on July 3rd. Betty was a resident here for short time and enjoyed watching TV, our musical activities, visiting with staff and hearing devotions. Rest in Peace Betty.

Until next time … a thought for the week … Life always offers you a second chance – it’s called tomorrow.