LMH 2021 Royalty, King Kenny Brustad

Greetings from “The Home” front ….

Congratulations to Loretta Wendlick and Kenny Brustad who were named our Valentine King and Queen. We were able to have a fun Valentine Social in the dining room where they were crowned. This is one of the highlights of the year here at LMH and we are so happy for Loretta and Kenny.

We had a Valentine reminisce on February 14th when Molly brought vintage valentines to show the residents and also talk about how many valentines are given or mailed each year (190 million in the US and one billion worldwide!!). This makes it the second largest card sending holiday. Who would have guessed that many! After all that valentine candy and goodies, it was time for Sit & Be Fit on Monday morning and we celebrated Presidents Day with Presidential Trivia in the afternoon. There was Bingo in the evening. Tuesday brought a Mardi Gras celebration with residents and staff dressing in colorful attire. We caught up with Newscurrents and then enjoyed homemade pretzels in the afternoon to celebrate Fat Tuesday. It was Ash Wednesday and Pastor Deb was here for a church service. Then it was time for crafts with Molly. The residents decorated mini tins to hold their special treasures or possible bingo winnings. There was Bible Study on Thursday and Pretty Nails in the afternoon. Friday brought virtual Mass and a Sing-Along with Nancy. We celebrated TGIF with Happy ½ hour. Coffee Cart, Sit & Be Fit, Wheel of Fortune and a Movie fill Saturday.

Next week we start out with learning about Stamp Collecting on Sunday afternoon. Then it’s Sit & Be Fit and Crosswords on Monday plus Bingo in the evening. After Newscurrents on Tuesday, Nancy will play for Rhythm Band. We have a Sing Along on Wednesday and crafts in the afternoon. Men’s Club meets on Thursday morning and later on the ladies will get their nails done at Pretty Nails. There is virtual Mass and Church Friday morning and my favorite game – Bunco – in the afternoon.

The residents received Valentines from a number of different community groups this past week. A big shout out THANK YOU goes to the Hope/Page community including the high school and elementary school. The elementary school children included their picture with their valentines and the residents especially enjoyed that. Trinity Lutheran Church in Hope/Page also made valentines as did the Aurdal Sunday school children. The residents also got valentines from the MSU Collegiate Deca group. The residents enjoyed each and every one and I noticed several valentines hung on their bulletin boards. Again – thank you everyone for thinking of us here at LMH – the residents appreciate being remembered.

We have also received jigsaw puzzles from members of the community (many anonymous) and a special thank you to Kelly Archambeau who donated several beautiful ones. With so many residents staying in their rooms, they go through puzzles rapidly, so we appreciate the variety you all have provided.

We have two resident birthdays to finish out the month of February – Shirley Radloff on February 22 and William (Bill) Bird on February 26th. There are no Sun Center birthdays this week but we have several staff members who will be celebrating. Clarence (Junior) Nelson and Billy Alexander on February 22; Rebecca Pekrul on February 24th; Heather Satrom on February 25th and Sue Edwardson on February 27th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Until next time … a quote from Michael Jordan … “Some people want it to happen – some wish it would happen – others make it happen …”