The activity room was roaring with giggles and laughs during our snowball fight. Staff was an easy target even among the Christmas trees, there was no hiding from Betty Pickar, Ken Brustad and Helen Sharpe. All were proven to be master snowball throwers. Fun was had by all!

Greetings from “The Home” front …

What a great week we have had!!!! Starting on Monday, the residents were able to return to eating in the dining room – two people to a table with special precautions. It was so nice to see them back. The nursing home also opened to visitation – with strict precautions in place. Visitations must be scheduled 24 hours in advance, not during meal or snack time, both resident and visitor must wear a mask at all times and maintaining a 6-foot distance. What a joy it was to see the residents reunited with their loved ones.

On Saturday (January 23) we had our 2nd COVID-19 19 vaccination for those who had the first one earlier this month. We also offered first time vaccinations for residents and staff. No one seemed to experience any adverse reactions and for that we are thankful. Thank you to the residents, Sun Center tenants and staff who chose to get vaccinated. Our next Covid-19 testing will be on February 3rd – let’s hope for all negative results.
January 24th – 30th is Activities Professionals Week. Activity Director Lisa Nelson provided donuts for all the activity staff as a way of saying “I donut know what I would do without you”. Thank you to Nancy Bjerke, Deb Sletten, Elaine Aune, ChiChi Hoffmann, Sheila Rustvang, Andrea Knudson, Sarah Gage, Sam Clagg, and Molly Lenaburg for all you do to make life a little better for everyone. She has more surprises in store for the week, I wonder what it will be. Special thanks to Sarah and Sam for stepping up to help out while two of our activity staff are out on medical leave.

Elaine was here on Sunday for a Down Memory Lane activity. It was nice to have her back to work. Monday there was Sit & Be Fit in the morning and a rousing game of Bunco in the afternoon. So great to have residents back in the activity room to participate in fun and games. It was also good that we had Sit & Be Fit in the morning because resident Lorraine Olson’s family provided a beautiful cake to celebrate Lorraine’s birthday. She shared her treat with many of our residents. Tuesday brought Newscurrents and Rhythm Band. Nancy played the piano for Name That Tune on Wednesday morning and then our resident artists created watercolor masterpieces during Crafts in the afternoon. There was lots of laughter as the residents played Noodle Ball on Thursday and then got their nails done later on. We had virtual Mass and Church on Friday followed by popcorn in the afternoon. Our Coffee Cart goes around every morning serving coffee, cocoa, juice and treats for the residents to enjoy. We hope the residents will soon be able to come to the activity room in the morning for their coffee.

Wow!! We are already starting February activities – where did the month of January go???? We start out February with Sit & Be Fit on Monday morning, followed by Cotton Ball Painting in the afternoon. On Tuesday its Newscurrents and then Choir. Plus, we celebrate Ground Hog Day – let’s hope he doesn’t see his shadow. We are having mini rummage sale on Wednesday – this is a chance for residents and staff to get some new outfits at very reasonable prices. Pastor Deb is here for Bible Study on Thursday morning and the ladies will get their nails done at Pretty Nails in the afternoon. We have Mass and Church on Friday and then it’s time to celebrate TGIF with Happy ½ hour.

Our sympathy to the friends and family of Diana Mullen who passed away January 18th. Diana was with us very briefly but she enjoyed listening to music and hearing devotions read to her. Bless the memory of Diana.

We are also saddened by the passing of Carol Moen on January 22nd. Carol had just celebrated her 100th birthday in December. She enjoyed so many of our activities especially music and games, reading the newspaper and playing Rummikube with other residents. Rest in Peace Carol – you will be missed.

We have one resident birthday next week – Homer Wennerstrom on February 4th. Sun Center resident Ernest Grotte has his birthday February 6th. There are also three staff members who have birthdays next week – Susan Anderson on February 2nd, Shaunna Gienger on February 4th and Bonnie Fisher on February 6th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day.

Until next time … a quote from Rosa Parks …. “Each person must live their life as a model for others” ….