Betty Dahl trying her hand at the Hammerschlagen game
Kim Plank at our Oktoberfest celebration

Greetings from “The Home” front …

We have been enjoying some lovely fall days outside on the patio. Princess, our therapy dog, loves it when someone throws a ball for her out there and some of our residents have provided that entertainment (and exercise!) for her. I can hardly wait to see Princess’ reaction to the first snowfall!

The Activity Dept. celebrated Oktoberfest on Monday with a game of German Jeopardy!! We had a lot of fun learning about all kinds of German topics. We also had a taste of Germany in the afternoon when everyone got to eat Reuben bites and soft pretzels. Later some brave residents tried their hand at Hammerschlagen – a nail driving contest. There was good ol’ American style Bingo in the evening! Tuesday brought Newscurrents and Rhythm Band. Later in the afternoon we were able to go outside for a game of Parachute. On Wednesday, Nancy played for Name That tune and everyone got a chance to decorate a pumpkin. There was Finish the Song Lyrics on Thursday morning followed by Pretty Nails and Camping Day Detective. Camping Day Detective is a cognitive game where people try to find hidden clues – it’s great for helping keep the mind sharp and focused. There was also Bingo in the evening. Pastor Deb was here for Church on Friday morning and then we enjoyed Happy ½ hour in the afternoon. We have Sit & Be Fit and Bingo on Saturday.

Monday through Friday we have a dedicated group of residents that come into the activity room first thing in the morning to fold towels and washcloths. This is a great help for our laundry workers. Monday through Saturdays there is always coffee and cookies available in the activity room from 9-10 a.m. The activity staff also delivers to residents in their rooms. On Sundays, coffee is delivered by a Transport Aide. I don’t mention this often enough in my synopsis of the daily activities but it is something that is done every day of the week for the enjoyment of our residents.

Monday of next week looks like an especially fun day. We have Fall Fiddler Detective in the morning followed by a Pumpkin craft and then an I Spy Quilt matching game. There is Bingo in the evening. On Tuesday it’s Newscurrents, Rhythm Band and Bunco. Wednesday brings Choir in the morning and then Activity Director Lysa Wright will give a Spinning Wheel Demonstration. That should be very interesting and fascinating. We will play a game of Pass the Pig on Thursday, followed by Pretty Nails, then Noodle Ball and finally Bingo in the evening. We have Church on Friday morning and then a special musical treat on Friday afternoon when Dan Lee comes back to play/sing for us. He always puts on a great show and we are glad to have him here.

The Week of October 11-15th will be a Fall Carnival Celebration here at “the Home”. We are planning a photo booth on Monday, Corndogs, Donuts, “Booze” & Tattoos for Tuesday, Ice Cream sundaes on Wednesday, Thursday there is popcorn, peanuts, lemonade and games in the chapel. We have Cotton Candy, Cheese Curds and Special Music by Larry Charon on Friday. Also judging and awards for arts, crafts, canning, or whatever your special hobby. PLUS, we get to wear jeans all week!!!!

After 20 years working in our Dietary Dept (i.e., Kitchen!) we are saying Good Bye to Curtis Moen who is “retiring” to pursue another career. Best Wishes, Curt – you will be missed!

We have several resident birthdays next week – Ron Hanson on October 1st, Sandy Braaten on October 2nd, Florence Syvertsen on October 4th, Truman Thykeson on October 5th; and Gary Nickel on October 8th. Also, quite a few Staff birthdays coming this first full week of October – Paige Stroh (Oct 1st), Nikki Onerheim (Oct 2nd), Jessica Moch (Oct 3rd), Jason Hollkesvig (Oct. 5th), Bryce Bergeron (Oct. 7th), and Caroline Wilson (Oct 9th). Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day.

Until next time … a thought for the week thanks to Ted Turner - The only thing that ever sat its way to success was a hen …