Greetings from “the Home” front …

My gosh the days are just flying by! With this nice weather you would think it is summer time – but summer doesn’t officially start until June 21st. We’ll take the sunshine anytime. The residents have enjoyed going out on the patio and courtyard to visit and have a cool beverage. There is nothing like good old fashioned fresh air!!

Monday was Flag Day and the residents and staff were encouraged to wear red, white and blue. Thank you to American Legion members Rich Peterson, Keith Williams, Harlan Johnson, and Bruce Smeby for presenting a flag folding demonstration and reading the symbolism of each step of folding the flat. It was very interesting and well attended. Nancy played for a Patriotic Sing Along in the afternoon. There was also a Resident Council meeting and Bingo in the evening. We had Newscurrents on Tuesday morning followed by a van trip around Portland/Mayville to see the sights. Other residents stayed to play Name That Tune in the activity room. There was a rousing game of musical balls on Wednesday – similar to musical chairs that we all played as kids. Only this time whoever gets “stuck” with the ball is out!! There was much laughter and cheering. The crafty ladies (and men) did chalk painting and created a card during crafts on Wednesday afternoon. Pastor Deb was here for Bible Study on Thursday and the ladies got their nails done right before Happy ½ hour. We also had Bingo in the evening. Pastor Deb was back for Church on Friday morning. To celebrate Fathers Day the men of Luther Memorial Home were invited to brats and beer for the noon meal, we also had Bunco later on. On Saturday we have Sit & Be Fit and Bingo plus a Movie Matinee.

Chi Chi starts off Father’s Day on Sunday with a special activity about Father’s Day Wisdom. On Monday we have Joke Club, Rhythm Band and Patio Time. There is always Bingo on Monday evening. After Newscurrents on Tuesday, the van will be going out on another “road trip” around the area. Plus, many of the residents will be playing Blackjack. Wednesday brings Choir in the morning and Crafts in the afternoon. Wednesday is also the time when an activity staff member goes shopping for any resident who has a special request – usually for special snacks, favorite beverage or some item we don’t have here at LMH. We will be discovering Yellowstone Park on Thursday with a special presentation in the morning followed by Pretty Nails and then a Yellowstone video. Of course, there is Bingo in the evening. There is a Picnic Dinner in the works for Friday with Polish Sausage on a Bun and all the trimmings, potato salad and an ice cream fudge bar. Before the picnic, Pastor Deb will be here for Church and then we have a special treat in the afternoon with special music by Paul Swanstrom.

Our sympathy to the friends and family of Gerald Malley who passed away June 8th. Gerald was an Air Force veteran who was with us briefly. While here at LMH he enjoyed visits from family and staff, watching TV and hearing devotions. Rest in Peace Gerald.

We have several birthdays next week – first though – my apologies to Sun Center resident June Karlstad – I missed her June 18th birthday in last week’s column – I was looking at the wrong month!!! Caroline Tunseth (also a Sun Center resident) has a June 23 birthday. Back here in LMH, resident Terry Anderson’s birthday is June 22 and Irene Lidstrom has her birthday June 26th. There are several staff members with upcoming birthdays too. Trina Thykeson, Natasha Jones, and Heather Fyfe all on June 21st. Deb Sletten’s birthday is June 24th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!!!

Until next time … a quote from Walt Disney…” the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing …”