Greetings from “The Home” front ….

Welcome! Welcome!! WELCOME!!! Our residents are currently able to have visitors and we are so glad to have you come for a visit. Please check our website for information regarding masks and other pertinent details. I know our resident will be so happy to see friends and family again – so don’t wait, call ahead to schedule – stop by for a visit!!!

In preparation for St Patrick’s Day, we had a “Tales of the Irish” activity on Monday morning and then the residents wrote letters to their Peter Boe 3rd grade pen pals. This letter exchange has been going on during the pandemic since the children have not been able to visit their “adopted” grandparents this year. The letters from the children are always fun to read. There was Newscurrents Tuesday followed by a brief Resident Council meeting to explain the visitation requirements to the residents. Afterward Nancy played for Rhythm Band. Wednesday was ST PATRICK’sDAY and did we ever celebrate. Molly provided an Interesting Facts About Ireland activity in the morning. Did you know that St Patrick wasn’t Irish at all – he was born in Great Britain. That Ireland was the Titanic’s last port of call before hitting that iceberg. And Muckanaghederdauhaulia which is a small village near Galway is the longest place name in the English Language. So now you know some Irish facts. We had our big St Patty’s Day Social in the afternoon complete with Mint Shamrock Shakes and All the Luck Snack Mix. So glad I work on Wednesdays! Pastor Deb was here for Bible Study on Thursday and the ladies got their nails done at Pretty Nails. There is Virtual Mass and Church on Friday followed by Table Hockey in the afternoon. On Saturday we have Sit & Be Fit and Bingo. Speaking of Bingo – congratulations to resident Nathan Scherr who had a blackout on two different bingo cards last Thursday night. Don’t spend all your winnings in one place Nathan!!

There is Easy Does It Trivia on Sunday at 2 p.m.. We celebrate Spring Break starting on Monday with Wheel of Fortune and Beach Volleyball. Residents and Staff are encouraged to wear bright tropical colors. Tuesday brings Newscurrents and Special Music with Tim Mosher. Tim has performed for us before and he really puts on a great show. Welcome back Tim! We will play Noodle Ball on Thursday and there is Pretty Nails in the afternoon. We have Church and Virtual Mass Friday morning followed by Tropical Happy ½ hour.

Resident birthday next week –Nathan Scherr on March 21st. Sun Center resident Junice Berg has her birthday on March 25th. There are four staff members also celebrating birthdays – Kayla Whetzel on March 21st, Shelby Krueger on March 24th, Elaine Aune and Gunner Jorgensen both on March 27th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Our sympathy to the friends and family of Vi Rindy who passed away on March 11th. Vi enjoyed the musical and spiritual activities and visiting with family on her Echo. She was married to our beloved Walter Rindy for 74 years. Rest in Peace, Vi, you will be missed by all.

Until next time … a thought for the week …If we have the attitude that it’s going to be a great day – it usually is ….