Greetings from “The Home” front …

We certainly hope all of you had a pleasant Thanksgiving!! Our residents here at LMH enjoyed a great turkey dinner with choice of pie and lefse. Some were fortunate enough to go out with family for Thanksgiving while others enjoyed visits here at “the home”.

On Monday there was an Over the River Reminisce about the Thanksgiving holiday. At Kitchen Capers our resident cooks made Turkey decorated cookies – the cookies were so cute they really did look like a turkey! We had a turkey shoot later in the afternoon and Bingo in the evening. Andrea read the news during Newscurrents on Tuesday morning and Nancy played for Rhythm Band in the afternoon. We also learned interesting Turkey Day Trivia. The first Thanksgiving was held in 1621 over a three-day period celebrating the harvest and turkey wasn’t even on the menu! Pastor Deb was here for a Special Pre-Thanksgiving Church service on Wednesday morning and then our resident crafters thought about the birds in this cold weather and made pinecone birdseed feeders. They also heard a story about the Macy’s Day Parade and how it got started. Afterward activity staff went shopping for our residents at Dollar General and Millers. On Thanksgiving there was Thanksgiving Day Reminisce followed by Tag Tom the Turkey. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and there was Bingo in the evening. We had Name That Tune on Friday morning and the ladies got their nails done during Pretty Nails. We will be working off some of that Thanksgiving dinner during Sit & Be Fit on Saturday and then play Bingo in the afternoon. We also have a Saturday movie matinee.

There is 5 square planned for Sunday afternoon. Monday brings Down Memory Lane and a Holiday movie. The staff and volunteer residents will be busy decorating for Christmas. After Newscurrents on Tuesday we will again be decorating for the holiday. Wednesday brings Christmas music Name That Tune and wrapping up decorating LMH for Christmas. Thursday Pastor Deb will be here for Bible Study in the morning and we will be taking resident Christmas Pictures in the afternoon. This is a great way for our residents to have a nice picture taken to share with family and friends over the holidays! Friday Pastor Deb will be back for church services in the morning and we will finish our resident Christmas pictures in the afternoon.

We have several upcoming December events planned. This includes our famous Christmas Cookie Sampler, a Blue Christmas memorial for our residents that passed away in 2021, The Tree of Lights ceremony and of course, a visit from Santa at our Christmas Party later in the month.

We are happy to be open for family and friend visits. Our residents miss you! Be sure to check in at the front receptionist desk when you arrive.

We have two staff birthdays next week – Caroline Mangwa on December 2nd and Mary Turpin on December 4th. We have one resident birthday, Ralph Rucinski, on December 5. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!!

Until next time … a thought for the week … A poor attitude is like a flat tire – you can’t get very far until you change it …