LMH Men's Club Pictured: First Row: Gary N., Randy S., Marion P., Amos K., John G., Duane N., Gary V., Duane L. and Stan D.. Back Row: Jackie K., Dale W., Molly L., Gerald S., Terry A., Janice E., Linda S., Ina P., Nancy B and Elaine A. Not pictured Geneiva K. and Lisa N.

Greetings from “The Home” front …

WOW!  What a busy and fun week we have had here at LMH!!!  Our Men’s Group went to see the awesome automobile collection of Randy Kyllo on Monday.  Lots of great muscle cars to reminisce about – special thanks to Randy for opening his “garage” for us to enjoy.  Thank you also to Jackie Kraling for assisting in arranging this special trip – and to our volunteers who helped transport the residents around to look at the cars:  Ina Paulson, Linda Strand, Janice Erickson and Geneva Knudson. In addition, Deb Kyllo provided us with coffee and wonderful Rice Krispy bars to enjoy.  On Tuesday at our Celebration of Men program.  Rick Karboviak showed and talked about  his  vintage bicycles. Merwin Lyng  brought a unicycle and a tandem bicycle and staff members LeeAnn Strand and Lili Derkson gave a demonstration– our residents certainly enjoyed this event and many remembered owning similar ones.  Thank you Rick and Merwin. We appreciate you sharing your time with us. Wednesday brought Kitchen Capers where the residents made yummy cream cheese roll up and then later spent time drinking lemonade on the patio.  We reminisced about S&H Green Stamps and the gifts you could buy with them on Thursday morning and then had music and Ladderball in the afternoon.  There was also Bingo in the evening.  Friday brought a picnic in the shelter along with church, pretty nails and happy half hour.  Saturday is the Summerfest parade; we will be playing crosswords in the afternoon.  Our Saturday movie matinee is “Little Miss Broadway” – a 1938 musical starring Shirley Temple.  It has a wonderful plot, lots of music and dancing and is worth watching!

Nancy will be here on Sunday for “Music with Nancy”at 2 p.m.  Please note there is no Kaffee Hus this weekend. Then Monday its newscurrents, kitchen cappers and lotion in motion.  It must be the last week of the month as it is the Auxiliary Birthday Party on Tuesday with Riverside as the host.  The residents will be making china plate flowers for our garden and courtyard on Wednesday.  Thursday is name that tune in the morning, a baby shower for Elizabeth Karolus, daughter of staff members Meagan and Matthew Karolus, and board games and in the afternoon.  It’s bingo with the American Legion/VFW on Friday afternoon after church in the morning.

We have one resident birthday on June 30th – happy birthday to Dorothy Halvorson.  Staff members with June birthdays include Deb Sletten on June 24th, Brooklyn Miller on June 25 and Julie Hanson on June 27th.  Best wishes to all of you and enjoy your special day!

We also have two anniversaries coming up next week.  Gerald and Ardis Storebo are celebrating on June 26th.  They are also our 2017 Valentine King and Queen – be sure to look for them in the Summerfest parade.  Alton and Marilyn Anderson have an anniversary June 30th.    Happy Anniversary to these two  special couples.

Until next time … a thought for the week … Don’t worry about failures; worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try …