The Home Front

Greetings from "the Home front"

The residents have been busy indoors with activities and watching the snow outdoors - commenting they are glad they are not out in it but happy the staff is able to get to work.

Monday the food committee met to go over the menus and make requests for their favorites we also had NewsCurrents in the morning.  Mary Peterson and her quilters came in the afternoon and they made Bingo quilt squares.  Later on there was Lotion in Motions and Bingo in the evening. Tuesday brought Sit & Be Fit. Our exercise program goes right along with  that great article on the front page of last week's Forum newspaper.  To stay healthy in your senior years you must keep active and exercise!  There was also rhythm band in the afternoon.  Nancy was here for "Name That Tune" on Wednesday and Paula Tuttle and baby Gabriel were honored wit a baby shower in the afternoon.  The residents were all smiles as they took turns holding and seeing Gabriel, who was born on Nov. 5.  Such a cute little boy! There was Resident Council on Thursdays morning, Elaine continued her reading of "The Story" later in the afternoon.  Friday brought church, popcorn, and pretty nails.  There is Bingo on Saturday at 2:00 pm along with Kaffee Hus from 2 to 3:30 pm.  The Saturday matinee movie is "Ma & Pa Kettle."  What adventures those two could get into.

Next week brings Kitchen Capers on Monday afternoon.  The residents will be making  a snowman snack.  Should we be feeding the snowmen?  I want this snow to go away!  Tuesday is Sit & Be Fit and rhythm band.  Wednesday the residents will be doing chalk sketches that will become flowers with a little bit of magic.  The Jet Set club will be meeting and making bacon cheeseburgers, French fries, and chocolate malts, YUMMM.  There is also a men's group Bible study later in the afternoon. 

Thursdays the 19th is a day for celebration - we will be celebrating Pauline Argenziano's 102nd birthday.  There will be special music by the Wahls and of course cake!  Friday it's church, pretty nails, and happy 1/2 hour.

We have several resident birthdays next week - Gerald Storebo (Jan. 15), Linda Anderson and Ramona Chamberlain (Jan. 18), Pauline Argenziano (Jan. 19) and Kathy Thomas (Jan. 20).  Also staff members celebrating include Sarah Zapata (Jan. 14), Jackie Kraling (Jan. 17), Brett Ulrich and Cindy Gee (Jan. 20).  Happy Birthday and best wishes to all of you. 

We are keeping Matt Nelson, son of Activities Director Lisa Nelson, in our thoughts and prayers as he deploys for a year tour of duty in Afghanistan.  Godspeed, Matt, and thank you for your service.

Until next time, a thought for the week: Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you  miss when you don't even try.