Greetings from "The Home" front...

DARN!!!  If it’s not one thing it’s another!!!  Just like life!  We managed to get through all the snow and back on a regular schedule and now we have had an outbreak of Covid!!!  Thank heavens none of our residents are seriously ill – just a few sniffles and a cough – more like a little cold.  However, this has curtailed many of our planned activities this week.

Our activities staff has been busy rearranging and changing the schedule of events so we can still do some fun things while avoiding gathering in large groups. We are fortunate to have quick-thinking and flexible staff that have gotten great at adapting what we do to make things a little brighter at LMH. There was short story reading on Monday morning and then activity staff made popcorn and delivered it to everyone. After Newscurrents on Tuesday it was time for Kitchen Capers. ChiChi made Fried Banana Rolls in a “cooking show” style for our residents to watch on their in-house TV channel and then delivered the treats to resident rooms. We also played a Detective Game similar to I Spy.  Wednesday brought Lysa playing the piano for Choir and during Crafts in the afternoon, our Crafty Crafters made a Door Hanger using vintage Easter postcards.  We had Down Memory Lane on Thursday followed by Pretty Nails in our rooms in the afternoon. Pastor Deb was here to provide Church on channel 98 on Friday morning and then we played hallway Bingo.

Saturday is April Fool’s Day – maybe this Covid outbreak is just a bad joke! We have Sit & Be Fit scheduled for that Saturday, plus Bingo and a fun Fact or Foolery brain teaser.  Molly will be here on Sunday for Crosswords. Looks like we will be dying Easter Eggs on Monday!! That is always fun! There is Newscurrents on Tuesday morning followed by Arm Chair Travel – this time, our residents will be going to India and learning about the country and traditions there.  We have Name That Tune  with Lysa on Wednesday followed by Crafts in the afternoon.  The Crafty Crafters will be making an Easter Bunny treat out of Twinkies and rabbit peeps!  I saw this on Pinterest and hope it turns out as cute as the picture on Pinterest!  There is Easter Reminisce on Thursday, the ladies will get their nails done at Pretty Nails and later on there will be an Easter Bonnet Parade.  Plus, Bingo in the evening.  Pastor Deb is here for two services on Friday – our regular church service in the morning and then a Good Friday service in the afternoon. Thank you, Pastor Deb, for all your caring work this Easter Season.

A few of the upcoming events in the weeks ahead include A Retirement Party for Brett Ulrich, A Farewell Party for Mitchell Krueger, a packed to the rim Rummage Sale, and a special Mother’s Hands Photo shoot just in time for Mother’s Day.  Look for more information about these upcoming events in a future column.

Oops – I missed a few birthdays last week – my apologies to residents Alvin Amundson and Loretta Wendlick whose birthdays were on March 28th and to staff member Erica Baldock whose birthday was March 29th.  We have several upcoming birthdays next week.  Rich Snortland has his birthday on April 6th and Robert Nygord has his on April 8th.  Staff members celebrating next week include Maria Klabo and Danielle Kath on April lst, Lysa Wright on April 4th, Leticia Clagg and Kenew-Kiew Oshkosh on Aril 6th and Becky Moen on April 8th.  Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

We are saddened by the passing of Neil MacFarlane on March 23rd.  Neil enjoyed listening to music, TV, visiting with staff and reminiscing about his farm and dog.  Our therapy dog, Princess, was a frequent visitor and brought Neil great pleasure.  Rest in Peace Neil – you will be missed.

Until next time … a thought for the week … You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream …