Greetings from "The Home" front...

Happy May and Springtime!!  It was sure nice to see some of that sunshine and warmer weather.  A few of our residents braved the wind and went outside in the courtyard for some wonderful fresh air and to enjoy the birds.  Our flowers aren’t in bloom yet but we were busy last week planting various flower seeds and they are starting to emerge – it won’t be long before we can plant them outside.  The courtyard always looks so beautiful in the summer time.

Molly was here on Sunday for some word games – the resident especially enjoyed remembering what jingle went with what product.  Such as – “You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with ….”   Or “Does She or Doesn’t She?” … How about “Our repairman is the loneliest guy in town”. Answers are at the bottom of the column!

On Monday May 1st we celebrated May Day by making May Baskets and delivering them around the hallways and to other residents.  We also reminisced about “Around the Maypole” – does anyone still do maypole dances?  There was Bingo in the evening.  Tuesday brought Newscurrents in the morning and then an Arm Chair Vacation to Nevada.  We learned some interesting fact about Nevada and there is much to do and see there besides gambling.  Did you know Nevada has more mountain ranges than any other state.  It is also the largest gold producing state in the US and that Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other city in the world!  We tried to finish the song lyrics on Wednesday morning during music time and we followed up in the afternoon with the residents busy making flower pictures out of crumbled tissue paper.  There was a Detective Game on Thursday morning, the ladies got their nails done during Pretty Nails and we finished up the day with Fly Swatter Ball and Bingo.  Pastor Deb was here for church on Friday morning.  She also served communion to our residents.  Then it was time for Happy ½ hour in the afternoon. Deb and Tracy went all out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with lots of yummy Mexican treats!  After Sit & Be Fit on Saturday, the residents will play Bingo and then enjoy watching the Kentucky Derby.  It is also King Charles coronation and many of the residents might choose to watch that instead.

Molly’s back on Sunday to play Crosswords and start a new week of activities.  Men’s Club meets in the afternoon on Monday along with a Resident Council meeting and Bingo in the evening. It’s a busy Monday for sure. Tuesday brings Newscurrents and Kitchen Capers. Lysa and Chichi will be making fruit pizza, that will be tasty! There is Name That Tune on Wednesday morning plus finishing up our Mother’s Hands project. ChiChi will go shopping for the residents also. Pastor Deb leads Bible Study on Thursday morning and we have a special treat when the Second Wind Band comes to play for us. This band is made up of several local musicians from around the area and they put on a great performance. Later in the day there is Pretty Nails and Bingo.  After church on Friday, it will be our Mother’s Day Tea in the afternoon – what a special time to honor all of our lady residents.

May 1st was the start of our Spring into Fitness program with those staff members who signed up recording and tracking how many steps they make every day.  Should be interesting to see how far our staff actually walk while taking care of residents.

We have three resident birthdays next week and that takes care of all the resident birthdays for the month!!!  Clyde Cooper on May 11th, Donna Lande on May 12th and Marie Rindy on May 13th.  There are also three staff members with upcoming birthdays – Jordyn Wilson on May 9th, Shandi Gibbs on May 11th, and Joseph Clagg on May 13th.  Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!!

Until next time … a thought from Oliver Wendell Holmes … “All limitations are self-imposed” …. Trivia answers: Pepsident – Clairol - Maytag