Residents enjoying an art project with lemons and oranges!

Greetings from "The Home" front...

Happy Activity Professionals Week!!!  With a 1960s theme -we enjoyed several special events to celebrate!

ChiChi started out Sunday with Karaoke – our residents enjoy singing along with her.  There is always lots of laughter and fun! We remembered the 1960s during reminisce on Monday morning, then played the Price is Right and Name That 60s Tune in the afternoon.  There was Bingo in the evening.  After Newscurrents on Tuesday it was time for Groovy or Not and Cereals of the 60s. Who remembers Post Toasties, Honey Comb and Super Sugar Crisps (ack!).  Wednesday morning we reminisced together with a Down Memory Lane activity. My favorite game BUNCO!!! was on the schedule for Wednesday afternoon. There was lots of laughter and bell ringing between our two teams.  ChiChi also went shopping for our residents while other staff members did 1:1 visits. Another highlight of Wednesday was the chance for residents to “order out” for their dinner.  This time we chose Paula’s Restaurant to order their meals. What a treat! Everyone enjoyed the food! Pastor Deb led Bible Study on Thursday morning, the ladies got their nails done at Pretty Nails and then we did a 1960s Trip Detective Game.  Plus there was Bingo in the evening. After Church and dinner on Friday, the American Legion/VFW were here for $$$Bingo.  The dining room was filled with residents looking forward to this event – we always get a great turnout!

Oh my Gosh – it’s almost February!!  Molly will be here on Sunday to play Five Square using the word CRISP.  Then on Monday it’s What Am I??, word games and short stories.  There is also Bingo in the evening. We have Newscurrents on Tuesday morning, then Volley ball and Jokes in the afternoon. My uncle named his dog Timex and Rolex because they’re his watch dogs. On Wednesday, we will play Name that Tune in the morning and make a fun craft in the afternoon. Chichi will also go shopping for the residents. Thursday is Groundhog Day and we will be hunting for groundhogs hidden around the building, how many can everyone find? We will also read some fun facts about groundhogs and the day in the morning. We have Pretty Nails in the afternoon and will finish the day off with Left Right Center and Bingo in the evening. Friday we have church in the morning and Paul Swanstrom will be here to play his accordion for us, it’s always fun to hear those old polkas! Saturday brings us a morning workout, Bingo, and the Words in Words game.

We have three staff members with birthdays finishing out the month of January.  Roxee Wellcome on January 30th, Codi Krueger and Brenna Lehmicke on January 31st. There are no resident birthdays during the first week of February but staff members Susan Anderson has a birthday February 2nd and Shaunna Gienger has her birthday February 4th.

Until next time … a thought for the week …. Happiness is not by chance, but by choice ….