Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, 

Having grown up in the rural Mayville-Portland area, going to high school in Portland, living in Portland, and working in Mayville years ago leaves an impression on a person for a lifetime.  

I worked at Luther Memorial Home years ago. My sister had been a resident from march 2018, until October 2018, when she passed away.  What i saw from being there a lot since she entered the Home was something very wonderful. I realized, she knew many people in Mayville, and that she worked in the school system for 40 years, and some of the staff who worked there,  knew her from being fed at the school.  What i didn't expect was all the affection that was shown to her as a resident. She was kissed by the nurse's aids, was told by the staff that they loved her. When she was dying, so many people came in and cried, and told her how much she would be missed.  To me these were such tender moments, and just plain special.  this kindness is hared to repay. All I can say is a huge "thank you."

I think that Mayville should be proud to have the nursing home that they do.  When yo have such a caring staff, it makes all the difference of wanted to be in a facility, or hating it there.  My sister loved the home and the staff.  

Mayville is a wonderful place, with special people

Joyce LaChapelle
Bismarck, ND
sister of Sharon Aamold

excerpt from Traill County Tribune