Landa, Zapata, Knudsvig, & Smith all Recipients for Employee Recognition Program at LMH

For the month of November, Amanda Landa (LPN) and Lesile Zapata (CNA), and for December, Linda Knudsvig (Administrative) and Rahni Smith (CNA), were recognized as recipients of the Employee Recognition Program at Luther Memorial Home.  The LMH Employee Recognition Program recipients exude the mission and qualities of the LMH - to be compassionate, to be respectful, to be committed to providing high-quality care, a commitment to teamwork, and to be loving.

Amanda, Leslie, Linda, and Rahni were all nominated multiple time for the Employee Recognition Program for their service to others and to our residential community. While we want to recognize and thank Amanda, Leslie, Linda, and Rahni for their efforts, we also want to thank all of our staff at LMH for their commitment to making a difference in the live of our residents, our facility, and the community.