Safe Visit Protocol -8-4-2020

Title: Safe Visit Protocol

Created On: 08/04/2020

Purpose: To ensure the safety of our residents during infectious or viral outbreaks by establishing guidelines for family visits for compassionate care. Safe Visit Protocol will be followed when Visitor Restrictions are in place limiting or denying visitors due to infectious disease or preventing the spread of infectious disease.

Definitions: Compassionate care is care provided to the resident during end of life, significant decline, or change in condition, or psycho-social concerns including depression, withdrawal, decline in mood, or resident verbalization of not wanting to live any longer.

Scope: This policy applies to all Luther Memorial Home and Sun Center employees working in long term care or the assisted living.

Policy: During periods of infectious outbreaks when there is no general visitation permitted, family will be allowed to visit in a controlled, supervised, and planned manner if it is deemed essential and necessary for the well-being of the resident in a compassionate care situation.

1. Nursing or social services will alert the Director of Nursing when identifying a resident who is identified as needing a compassionate care visit.
2. Staff will contact the resident’s POA to set up a scheduled visit by family member. Family will be asked to wear masks to the facility.
3. Outside Visit – 1 - 2 Family member(s) over the age of 18 will be allowed to visit if they have had no contact with infectious disease in 14 days.
4. Indoor Visit – 1 Family member over the age of 18 will be allowed to visit if they have had no contact with infectious disease in 14 days.
5. Arrangements will be made to have the visit in an isolated area.
6. Visitors will check in at the front desk to be screened for travel, symptoms of illness, then given a face mask, educated on proper use of hand sanitizer, and assisted with hand sanitation.
7. Visitors will be educated to keep mask on at all times, not to touch face or mask.
8. Visitors will be accompanied to designated visit location.
9. Visitors may be asked to wear PPE, such as gowning, gloves, mask, and face shield.
10. Visitors will sign in an out with name and start and end time of visit.
11. Residents hands will be sanitized before and after visit.
12. Visitors will be educated to call for staff if assistance is needed.
13. Family will be educated to maintain 6 feet social distancing.
14. Pets will be allowed to visit if they meet the requirements for pet visitation and the pets and resident can visit outside. Residents must do hand hygiene before and after the visit and wear gloves.
15. Visitor and resident will then be allowed to visit. If visiting outside, one staff member will return resident to living area after hand sanitizing resident and direct family with PPE removal, hand hygiene, signing out.
16. If community spread of COVID-19 is identified by the NDDOH in the Luther Memorial Home service area, this policy will be reassessed.