Esther S. is all smiles while quilting with Mary Peterson and her gang.

Greetings from "The Home" front …

The aroma of Pepperoni and tomato sauce and veggies was wafting through the hallways at LMH this week when the residents made individual Pizzas during kitchen cappers on Wednesday.  Watch Pizza Shop - ours were pretty delicious!  Earlier in the week on Monday there was newscurrents in the morning.  Some of the residents also got together to play cards and board games in the afternoon.  We had sit and be fit Tuesday morning (getting ready for those pizza’s  on Wednesday) and Rhythm Band in the afternoon.  Also on Wednesday after kitchen cappers, the residents reminisced about "The Bread Box" - it seems that in some families the breadbox not only held bread - it was a great place for Mom to hide loose change or money!  What fond memories we had!  There was a swarm of insects in the activity room on Thursday when the residents made Love Bugs during crafts!!!  Earlier in the day we had Name That Tune and after crafts we played 5 square.  Thursday was February 1st and Valentine's Day is only two weeks away - so voting is underway for our new 2018 Valentine King and Queen.  The ballot box is in the activity room so stop by and cast your vote.  They will be crowned at our valentine party on February 14th.   Since this column has to go to press before Friday - I do not know if the groundhog saw his shadow on February 2nd.  I sure hope not - but have a feeling we are in for 6 more weeks of winter anyway!!!  There was church on Friday morning followed by pretty nails and happy 1/2 hour.  We have  Bingo on Saturday at 2 p.m. and there is Kaffee Hus in the dining room from 2-3:30.  Our Saturday movie Matinee is "The River's Edge".    Gran Church will be here on Sunday to provide special music at 2 p.m. in the chapel and then later in the afternoon we will be having a Super Bowl party in the activity room.

Next week we start out with newscurrents on Monday morning followed by cards and board games in the afternoon.  Sit & Be Fit and Rhythm Band are on the agenda for Tuesday.  The residents will be making Valentines during crafts on Wednesday plus playing Bunco later in the afternoon.  We have choir in the morning.  The Peter Boe 3rd Graders are here on Thursday to visit their "adopted" grandparents.  To celebrate the Winter Olympics we are holding our own LMH Olympics beginning on Friday.  After church in the morning we will hold the LMH Opening Ceremony at 2 p.m. with our torch being carried throughout the hallways.  Next week the residents will participate in several "Olympic" games and receive medals. 

We have two resident birthdays next week - Duane Nelson on February 5trh and Gary Volk on February 7th. Sun Center resident Ardell Meberg also has a birthday on February 7th.  Staff member Lili
Derksen's birthday is February 3rd and Shaunna Gienger's is February 4th.  Happy birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Our sincere sympathy goes to the friends and family of  Bobby Noblin who passed away January 21st.  Bobby enjoyed listening to music, receiving hand massages, hearing devotions and interacting with staff.  Rest in Peace Bobby.

Until next time … a thought for the week from Albert Einstein  … strive not to be a success but rather to be of value …