Picture: As you may have heard, Luther Memorial Home was selected and received a box of letters, notes, patriotic pins, word puzzles and flags for the residents from a project called the Tulip Project. This project was created by Meghan Regan of New York, she launched the project to bring joy to nursing home residents during Covid 19. Their goal is for one nursing home to receive a box from each state. Thank you to Lindsey Brustad for submitting LMH in honor of your grandfather Kenny Brustad.

Greetings from “The Home” front …

Another negative test result this week for all the staff at LMH – hurrah!!! We are trying our best to keep your loved ones safe and healthy. We will be tested again on September 9th.

It was nice to have Sandy Braaten here on Sunday to lead the Reminisce activity. She and the residents talked about “Going to the lake” which brought back lots of fond memories. On Monday there was Sit & Be Fit in the morning and Junk drawer Detective in the afternoon. The residents try to find hidden items in a junk drawer picture and then talk about their uses. We had Newscurrents on Tuesday morning followed by Andrea’s program “All Things I didn’t know about ND” – she brought up some interesting and obscure facts about ND - Did you know that the world’s largest hamburger was eaten in Rutland ND. In 1982, Rutland celebrated the grand daddy of all celebrations with a 3591-pound hamburger to which 8,000 people were invited to enjoy! On Wednesday, after Sit & Be Fit and dinner, Tim Moser was here to perform in an outdoor concert – we had a great turnout and the residents certainly enjoyed his music! We hope you can come again Tim and thanks for sharing your talent with us. Pastor Deb came for Bible Study on Thursday morning and the ladies got their nails done in the afternoon. Friday brought Mass and Church followed by Happy ½ hour! On Saturday we have Sit & Be Fit, Bingo and at movie matinee.

Next week on Labor Day (Monday) there is Sit & Be Fit and 5 Square. Newscurrents is on the agenda for Tuesday followed by Choir in the afternoon. We start out Wednesday with Sit & Be Fit again followed by a Mystery Dish demonstration. Hmmm – that sounds interesting. Although my husband claims all of my dishes are a mystery to him. We will try our hand at Horseshoes on Thursday morning and then have Pretty Nails in the afternoon. Friday is a busy day with Mass and Church in the morning and another new craft idea – mosaic seed painting! Also on Friday, which is September 11th, we will have a patriot display and a remembrance of that awful event in 2001.

I forgot to mention in last week’s column how much the residents enjoyed husking fresh corn for our dinner meal. Many of them said it reminded of them of their time on the farm and cooking for big families. The corn was delicious and full of sweetness!

We have several resident birthdays next week – Mary Robinette on September 6th, Betty Pickar and Dorothy Homstad on September 9th and Esther Bring on September 12th. There are no Sun Center birthdays but we have four staff members celebrating. Pamela Eken and Destiny Swanson on September 5th and Madisen Knudsvig on September 6th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

Our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Curtis Dokken who passed away August 28th. Curtis liked to visit with his family and our staff and watch tv. He also enjoyed going for car rides with his son. May you rest in peace Curtis.

Until next time… a thought for the week … Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments – a quote from Rose Kennedy. Make it a great week – stay safe and please wear a mask!