Kenny Brustad lead the Veterans Day Parade, assisting Kenny is Luther Memorial Home Administrator Brett Ulrich. Residents and staff honored our Veterans by waving flags, clapping, and thanking our Veterans for their service.

Greets from "The Home" front...

Hip Hip Hurrah! We got the results of our November 11 testing event and there were ZERO positive results! We tested again on November 14th, resulting in zero Luther Memorial Home residents and tenants of Sun Center. One staff member tested positive, that staff member has been removed from the schedule. Our next testing is Wednesday, November 18th. – keep up the good work everyone!

The activity department has been busy keeping our residents occupied with fun activities during this quarantine. We hope to be able to have small group activities very soon. This is determined by facility status and Traill County positivity rate. In the meantime, the residents can come out of their room, walk the hallways and visit with others if they mask, maintain a 6 ft distance and use handy hygiene. Staff continue to utilize live broadcast of activities on channel 98, offer one to one activities, cart and hallway activities. Last week we served hot apple cider and homemade cinnamon bread on Monday, OH it smelled sooo good. There was Resident Council on Tuesday. Nancy led a Patriotic sing along on Veteran’s day. We honored our Veterans with a Veterans Day Parade, it was a touching event, to see the residents in their doorways and staff in the hall waving flags and clapping, thanking our veterans for their service as they went by. After the parade, residents were able to watch the Veterans program put on by the MPCG school. Great Job to all involved in putting that program together. The ladies have been getting their nails done at Pretty Nails and Pastor Deb has led church services via our inhouse tv channel. Chaplain visits are done via face time with assistance from staff.

Some of the events planned this week include Finish the Phrase on Monday. Tuesday it’s Newscurrents and Name That Tune. Molly will be here for crafts on Wednesday. There is Bible Study with Pastor Deb on Thursday along with Pretty Nails in the afternoon. After church on Friday we will relax with Happy ½ hour.
Next week looks like a winner also – We are serving Rommegrot on Monday afternoon (Yummy!). Tuesday it’s Newscurrents and a Sing-along in the afternoon. We are playing Turkey Charades on Wednesday – Hmmmm not too sure about THAT!! Will have to tell you about it in next week’s column. There is Trivia and Reminisce on Thanksgiving with ChiChi and Church on Friday morning followed by Hallway Noodle Ball.

We would like to thank Miss Roder’s Kindergarten class for the Halloween pictures they colored for our residents. They did a great job staying in the lines and used very colorful crayons! Also, the 4th grade students in Miranda Petersen’s class wrote letters to our veterans telling them how much they appreciated all that the veteran has done for our country. The letters meant a lot to our resident veterans.

Congratulations to Lindsey Fenske our becoming a LPN! Way to go Lindsey!

I missed a couple of birthdays while I was out sick these past few weeks. Belated birthday wishes to Sun Center resident Alan Holt whose birthday was November 18th and Staff member Sheyenna Riley whose birthday was on November 15th. I hope your special day was all that you wanted it to be! We have one resident birthday next week – Neil MacFarlane has his birthday on November 21st. There are four staff members with birthdays to finish out the month – Amanda Landa and Jessica Serr on November 20th Christine Nesheim on November 22nd and Donna Dick on November 27th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day.

Until next time… a thought for the week … a mask is better than a ventilator - home is better than ICU. It’s not a curfew – it’s CARE FOR YOU! Please wear a mask and protect your friends and family.