Congratulations to LeeAnn Strand, last weeks winner of Progressive Bingo……

Greetings from “The Home” front …

Whee!!! Some of our residents were able to go on a van trip around the Portland/Mayville area on Monday, using social distancing, wearing masks, preforming hand hygiene and making no stops. What a wonderful treat as so many of them have been inside due to Covid 19 restrictions. We also have been having more indoor visitations from friends and family which everyone enjoys.

On Sunday the residents played Wheel of Fortune using song titles from the 1950s as clues. They had a fun time reminiscing about those songs and we even sang some of the lyrics. There was Newscurrents Monday morning before the van trip and then we had table top activities later on. Of course, there was Bingo in the evening. On Tuesday it was Sit & Be Fit and then a retirement party for a special nurse who is retiring after 26 years of service to LMH. Congratulations to RN LeeAnn Strand. May you enjoy that much deserved retirement. Nancy played the piano for Choir on Wednesday morning and then in the afternoon Molly and the residents visited about Current Prices for Common Items during Price is Right Reminisce. The residents were surprised by the high prices of many of their favorite things. Pastor Deb was here for Bible Study and visitations on Thursday. We had fun with Mind Joggers (a trivia game) in the afternoon. And there was Bingo in the evening. On Friday it was Mass and Church along with Pretty Nails and independent activities. After coffee time on Saturday, the residents will reminisce about childhood memories in the morning and play bingo in the afternoon.

Now that LMH is open for visitations both inside and out –we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to visit with your loved ones and friends. Even though we provide face time and zoom visits with family it is not quite the same as an in-person visit. The Covid 19 isolation has been hard on everyone but especially people in nursing homes. We hope to see you soon. Please call and make an appt for a visit.

We have several birthdays next week. Residents Donna Bakkum on July 20, Norma Asp on July 21 and Gladys Fugleberg on July 25. Staff members who will celebrating next week include Jordan Eken on July 19th, Dana Norman on July 20, Veronica Belgarde on July 24 and Heather Champine on July 25. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day.

Until next time ... a thought for the week … A lack of will power has caused more failure than lack of intelligence or ability… Make it a great week!