Greetings from “The Home” front -

We received wonderful news on Monday – all of our staff tested negative during the testing procedure on August 12th.We are slowly moving toward Phase 3. Our next testing date for staff is Wednesday August 26th. We continue with indoor and outdoor visits. Outdoor visits are available during the week – Monday thru Friday and you MUST schedule an appointment time with the Activities Dept. Outdoor visits can include two visitors and you still have to wear a mask and practice social distancing. An indoor visit can be scheduled with the receptionist and is limited to one person in the room with your loved one – again masks must be worn and you must practice social distancing. We look forward to seeing you.

The residents have been coming to our activities and also viewing them on Channel 98 in their rooms – on Monday there was Sit & Be Fit in the morning and Crosswords in the afternoon. Andrea read Newscurrents on Tuesday morning and Nancy played the piano for Name That Tune in the afternoon. There was another session of Sit & Be Fit on Wednesday and in the afternoon, we listened to Twisted Tales. These are fairy tales with different endings than those we are familiar with. Molly read the story of Little Red Riding Hood as told by the Wolf and another version of Little Red Riding Hood and the Sweet Little Wolf. We also heard about Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk. What fun! Pastor Deb was here for Bible Study on Thursday and the ladies got their nails done at Pretty Nails in the afternoon. After Mass and Church on Friday it was time for Happy ½ hour! Saturday brings Sit & Be Fit and Bingo. There is also a 3 p.m. Movie matinee.
Next week we are planning a van trip around Portland/Mayville to see the sights. Let’s hope the weather stays nice. We have Newscurrents and rhythm band on Tuesday. Molly will be doing a craft project with the residents on Wednesday. Sounds like we have a fun program scheduled for Thursday when the residents learn the history of Cool Whip. Do we get a taste test??? The ladies will also get their nails done in the afternoon. On Friday after Mass and Church the activity staff will be serving root beer floats.

There is one resident birthday next week – Carol Kost on August 28th. Sun Center Resident LaVonne Christianson has a birthday on August 27th. There are also three staff members celebrating next week – Jaclyn Rindy and Connie Christianson on August 23 and Taylyn Thompson on August 24th. Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

We were saddened by the passing of Murlene Amb/Braaten Marotzke on August 11th. Murlene enjoyed visits from staff and her son. Her room was filled with beautiful orchid plants of which she was very proud. Murlene loved to show her orchids to anyone that dropped by. Rest in Peace Murlene, you will be missed.

Until next time… a thought for week … it is long but totally “on point” …. Do all the good you can… By all the means you can…In all the ways you can … In all the places you can … to all the people you can … As long as ever you can …