Shelly Aune, progressive bingo winner

Greetings from “The Home” front …

Our staff was Covid-19 tested again this Wednesday and are awaiting the results. Everyone has been practicing safety precautions – ie wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, taking temperature – so we hope to have another 100% negative results. It’s so hard to think negative when all our lives we have been taught to “think Positive”!!!

We started another round of Progressive Bingo this past week as Shelly Aune was the prize winner last week. Congratulations Shelley – and everyone please keep checking those numbers. We draw two numbers every day until we have a winner. I’m not sure if Shelly picked the new car or Caribbean cruise as her prize – just kidding!

ChiChi was here on Sunday for a rousing Karaoke activity! She had the residents singing and clapping. What a fun time! On Monday the Food Committee met in the morning and there was Sit & Be Fit after that. The van went out for a trip around Portland/Mayville and surrounding areas. The weather was perfect. Another new activity later on was Name 10. It is a game where staff ask a question and residents try to give 10 answers for the same question. And there was bingo in the evening. Tuesday brought newscurrents and rhythm band. Folding, Coffee time & sit & be fit filled Wednesday morning and in the afternoon the residents worked on a citrus painting project. We cut various fruits in half – dipped them in different colored/flavored dry Kool aid and stamped the Kool aid loaded fruit onto paper. The results were quite interesting and varied. We held a mini rummage sale for staff and residents in the library on Thursday. The Men’s group also met in the morning followed by pretty nails and resident council in the afternoon. Of course, there is always bingo on Thursday night. Friday brought mass and church in the morning followed by a rousing game of noodle ball. There was also time for 1:1 visits, Face Time and Zoom in the afternoon. On Saturday we have another Sit & Be Fit session followed by bingo and a movie matinee. Molly will be here for Down Memory Lane on Sunday at 2 p.m. She usually brings some of her junk to show and talk about.

A special thank you goes out to Kenny Brustad’s family who nominated us for The Tulip Project. You can check out The Tulip Project Facebook page to learn more about this wonderful organization started by two sisters in New York State. Its main goal is to remember those people in nursing homes and assisted living centers with homemade cards, letters, puzzles, word find books and whatever else will brighten their day and let them know they are being thought of. We received a big box with flags, pins, cards, puzzle books, personal letters to residents and assorted other goodies. What a wonderful project and thanks again Brustads!

Another thank you goes out this week to Janice Erickson who dropped off two beautiful quilts for our residents to have. Janice finished sewing the quilts that were originally started by Joan Simongaard before she passed away.

We have one resident birthday next week – Helen Sharpe on August 22. There are several staff members celebrating next week – Amanda Malson (aug 15), Lisa Gapp (Aug 16), Vicki Johnson (Aug 17), Laurice VanZee (Aug 19), Harley Parrow (Aug 21) and Megan Evans (Aug 22). Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day.

Until next time … a thought for the week … The only way to see a rainbow is to look through the rain …