Picture: Nursing Students donate supplies. LMH DON Nancy Carlson and residents Gerald S. and Donna W. accept a box full of activity supplies the RN nursing students purchased and donated to LMH, what a wonderful gift that will bring hours of joy. Thank you. Nursing ADN RN program students; Allie Schenck, Emily Vaagene, John Emmerich, Cari Schmitz, Alyssa Kath, Nevada Wilson, Braeden Jorgensen, Delany Pearson, and Hope Krueger.

Greetings from "The Home" front...

Wowsie! Mother Nature sure has been on a rampage lately – definitely don’t like to see her this upset – but we managed to make it through here at LMH – a BIG THANK YOU again to all the staff that came in during the blizzard – worked extra shifts – slept over and kept everything running smoothly for our residents.  You are a great team!

Another big thank you goes out to the Nursing ADN RN nursing students at Mayville State that presented the activities department with several new puzzles, two baby dolls and many other items that our residents can enjoy.  These students saw a need for these extra items and they filled it.  Thank you so much.

Monday was Martin Luther King Junior Day and we started out with newscurrents.  Elaine had some informative articles about Dr. King. After dinner we hosted a baby shower, all enjoyed holding and snuggling the beautiful baby, thank you Melinda and Danny for sharing him with us, we also had  table top activities.  We finished the evening with bingo.  Denise was here to lead us in Sit & Be Fit on Tuesday and then it was time for crafts with Molly.  The residents made greetings cards which they can send to friends and family.  Nancy was back from vacation on Wednesday in time for Choir in the morning.  We played Bunco in the afternoon and then caught up on shopping.  There was a new activity    on Thursday when the residents played a “Frosty” word game.  Later they tried their hand at table hockey and then got their nails done at pretty nails.  We had bingo in the evening.  After Mass and Church on Friday morning, the American Legion/VFW were here for $$$ bingo.  This is always a popular activity and we fill the dining room with bingo players.  Its time for Snowman Races on Saturday morning and the residents will be playing trivia in the afternoon.  There is also Kaffee Hus from 2-3:30 on both Saturday and Sunday.

One of the activities that got postponed last month due to the flu was our staff making rommegrot for our residents – we will be doing that this coming Monday afternoon. Yum – can hardly wait!  There is also newscurrents in the morning and table top activities in the afternoon.  After all that rommegrot we need Sit & Be Fit on Tuesday morning and then it will be time for the Auxiliary Birthday party.  This month the Auxiliary officers will host the event and we will have Leonard and Betty Wall provide the entertainment.  We have Name That Tune on Wednesday along with Bunco and Three of a Kind in the afternoon.  Elaine will do some reading on Thursday morning and then we have special music by Dan Lee in the afternoon.  Dan always puts on a great show and we are looking forward to having him here again.  There is mass and church on Friday morning followed by pretty nails and Happy ½ hour.
There are no resident birthdays this coming week but Sun Center Residents Lorraine Gotteberg and Earl Nelson have upcoming birthdays.  Lorraine’s is on January 25th and Earl’s is January 30th.  There are only two staff birthdays also – Dawn Demarce on January 27th and Codi Krueger on January 31st.  Happy Birthday to all of you and enjoy your special day!

We are saddened by the passing of three of our residents in the past few weeks.  Laverne Burke died January 8th.  She enjoyed many of our activities especially music.  Yvonne Bakken died on January 16th.  Yvonne always had a smile for everyone and enjoyed many of our activities from music, crafts and hearing devotions.  Emily Elliot also passed away on January 16th.  She was here very briefly but spent time with her family.  May you three rest in peace.

Until next time ... a thought for the week … Staying positive does not mean that things will turn out OK.  Rather it is knowing that you will be OK no matter how things turn out …